Balance and money transfers

Balance and money transfers

A balance or money transfer could be a smart way to simplify your outgoings. Find out the difference between the two and how to complete a transfer.

Balance and money transfers

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Online Card Services

Think of this as your account command centre. Using Online Card Services you can keep track or your balance, request transfers, make payments, update contact details and so much more, all when it suits you best.

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Using your mobile?

It might be reassuring to know our most popular services are available on a smartphone, including the MBNA Card Services App. Perfect if you like to check your balance before you make a purchase, or enjoy reading your statement in your lunch break (just us?).

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Making payments to your account

We offer a range of options which should make keeping up with your monthly payments that bit easier, including debit card, regular Direct Debit and payments through your bank or building society.

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Updating your details

If any of your personal details change, such as your name or address, please let us know. It’s important we’re able to contact you with updates about your account, and for security purposes.

How to update your details

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Protecting your account and information

As you’d expect, we work tirelessly to protect your credit card account, employing sophisticated security systems and fraud detection techniques. But you have a part to play in keeping your account secure. It’s important you contact us as soon as you notice any unusual transactions, or if your card is missing.

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Contactless and mobile payments

All MBNA credit cards offer a smart range of services, making it quicker than ever to pay and go. Make secure payments using a card, or a range of mobile devices, usually without entering your PIN.

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Using your credit card

Your MBNA credit card is convenient, safe, and welcomed almost everywhere... read about all the ways it can be used, including contactless, mobile device payments, in store and online.

Ways to use your credit card

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Using your card abroad

If you’re travelling abroad and plan to use your credit card while you’re away (our cards love going on holiday), it’s important you know about any charges which might apply and what to check before you leave.

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