Check your cover details online in Online Services

If you have a credit card or loan with us and are registered for Online Services, you can log in and check specific details about the cover you have. You’ll be able to check your level of cover and a summary of your excess alongside other important aspects of your policy.

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What we offer

We offer insurance for the buildings of your home and contents. Helping you protect the things that are important to you.

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With just two levels of cover, we're keeping it simple. And our at a glance view makes it easy to compare them.

Compare our home insurance

Why choose MBNA for your home insurance?

We're here for you

If you need to make a claim, we have UK call centres and online support. If we think your claim is more complex, we may send a Personal Claims Consultant to visit you at home. And in an emergency - we're here 24/7.

Trusted tradespeople

If something needs fixing in your home following a valid claim, our claims team can arrange the right people to carry out most repairs.

Make claims online

When something happens, there's no need to call. Our online claim process makes things straightforward and simple, so you can get on with your day.

Existing home insurance customers

Get help with your policy

If your home suddenly becomes unfit to live in, due to a fire or flood for example, you can call us to make an urgent claim regardless of what time it is.

View your policy documents

Renew and pay for your policy

Make a claim

Get proof of insurance

Manage your renewal settings

Cancel your policy

You can find other online options here:

Manage your policy

Your policy in Online Services

If you’re registered for Online Services, just log on at any time to manage your home insurance policy online, without having to call us.

You can also download our Mobile app to manage your policy on the go, alongside your normal banking activities.

Learn more

If you need more support or want to talk to us, give us a call.

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