Make changes to your policy

If things have changed, did you know you may be able to amend your policy instead of cancelling it? For example, you can add or remove Legal Expenses cover. And make changes to things like specified items and pedal cycle cover.

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Struggling to pay for your home insurance?

Please get in touch with us to see how we can help. We'll review your policy and look at how we can best support you. Here are some of the things we could look at to help:

  • request a payment holiday
  • check if there's cover that you no longer need
  • see if there's any other way we can reduce the cost of your policy

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Compare your cover

If you're planning to shop around, make sure you know what's covered by your current policy. You can then compare this with other policies. 

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Ready to cancel your policy?

If you no longer need your policy, or you've received your renewal letter and don't want to renew, you can choose to cancel on a specific date or at renewal.

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