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Extra support when you need it

Life doesn’t always go to plan, but the sooner you speak to us, the sooner we can help.

Dealing with cancer
Dealing with financial difficulty
Appointing someone to manage your affairs

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Extra help with your finances

It’s important you use credit correctly and manage your borrowing responsibly. We’ll tell you how, and explain what to do if you need help or your circumstances change.

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If you're in financial difficulty

Many people experience money problems at some stage of their lives.


Coronavirus and your money

This is an uncertain time and you may be suffering from financial difficulties due to the coronavirus. The Money Advice Service have put together a lot of useful information about what it means for you and what you’re entitled to.

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Contact us

Sometimes the only way to sort something out is to get in touch. You’ll find all the contact details you’ll need at our dedicated page.

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Complaints procedure

If you have a complaint, please raise your concerns to help us improve our service and products. We are committed to handling complaints fairly and promptly.

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Security and protection

Whether you use your credit card or contact us about your card or loan, your security is our priority. There are many ways that MBNA keeps your details safe.

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Card Freezes

A quick and easy way to control your credit cards on the go, using our secure MBNA Card Services App.

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Online account security

Fraud and identity theft are a risk to your privacy and your finances. Knowing about how we protect you and what to look out for can help you to protect yourself.

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Update your details

If any of your personal details change, such as your name or address, please let us know. It’s important we’re able to contact you with updates about your account, and for security purposes.


Personal information and data privacy

Learn about your rights relating to your personal information and data privacy, including how to submit a data request if you want to.

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Find out all the ways to say hello to us and manage how we contact you.

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Technical help

Find answers to questions about using your online account and our Mobile Services app.

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Service status

If you’re having issues with one of our services, you can check if we know about any issues, or if we have any planned maintenance.

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Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

If you’d like to contact us about PPI or would like more information about our complaints process, you’ll find it all here.

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This is an uncertain time with the UK’s exit from the EU still to be agreed. We’ve included the most frequently asked questions on your products and services here.

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