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Balance transfer credit cards

This type of card could help if you have balances to repay on cards you hold elsewhere.

  • Transfer existing credit card and store card balances to just one card. 
  • Manage your repayments easier in one place and with only one monthly repayment.
  • Get an introductory rate. This could save you interest on the balances you transfer and give you longer to repay.

Transfer fees may apply.

Transfer and purchase credit cards

If you're thinking of making transfers and purchases, this type of card may be for you.

  • Get introductory rates on balance transfers, money transfers and purchases.
  • Put your everyday spends in one place and spread the costs of those larger purchases.
  • Have the option to transfer some of your available credit limit to your current account at an introductory rate.

Transfer fees may apply.


Purchase credit cards

Whether it’s for everyday essentials or shopping for something bigger, an MBNA purchase credit card can help you pay for things your way.

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Money transfer credit cards

If you want to use your credit card to help with current account payments, this card could be for you.

  • Transfer money from some of your available credit limit to your UK current account at an introductory interest rate.
  • Have more flexibility for paying unexpected bills.
  • Make a money transfer to use your debit card or cash where credit cards aren’t accepted.

Transfer fees may apply.
Money transfers must be at least £100 and can only go to your own UK current account.


Choosing the right credit card

When you’re looking for a credit card, it’s important you know what you want it for... purchases, transfers, or a card that’ll come in handy for emergencies? This short video tells you all about each type of credit card we offer and what it’s best used for.

Our guide to choosing a card

When comparing credit card offers:

  • Think about how you’ll use your new credit card, both now and in the future.
  • Remember to compare all rates and any transfer fees on promotional offers.
  • Consider the risk of taking on too much debt and how you’ll repay any amounts owed.

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