How we keep you safe

24 hour 7 days a week

fraud protection as standard.

Secure Online Services

on your computer or mobile phone.

Added features

to protect you when shopping online.

Shopping with confidence

Shopping online

We use Visa Secure® or MasterCard® Identity Check to protect you every time you buy. This gives us the chance to do an extra check to make sure it’s you. And it gives you an added layer of safety.

Card features

Your credit card has a security code on it, sometimes known as a CVV. It also comes with a PIN. We use both to check you have the card with you when you buy something or take cash out.

Our fraud promise

We won't hold you responsible for any fraudulent transactions on your card, once we're sure it wasn't you. Just make sure you tell us as soon as you spot anything unusual or if your card is missing.

How MBNA protects you

Biometric analysis

we use this to help make sure it’s really you. The system builds a profile of how you use your card. That way, we can spot any unusual behaviour which could show that someone else is using it. We set out how we can use this data in our privacy policy, and we follow these rules strictly to protect your privacy.

DDOS Protection

DDOS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It’s one way that hackers can try and block our services. We have state of the art protection against DDOS attacks to help make sure they don't succeed.

Real-time fraud detection

When you use Online Services, we use systems to decide if it's really you or if it's a fraudster. We collect data to help us to tell that it's you, but we only use this data in line with our Data Privacy Notice.

We'll call if we need to

Sometimes we’ll call you to confirm things. If this happens, we’ll call and ask you to enter 4 digits from your screen to complete what you are doing online.

If we suspect fraudulent activity on your account, we might contact you by phone. We’ll confirm that it’s you by asking you questions about your credit file or details from your passport or driving licence. We’ll never ask you for your log in details.


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Even more protection

We’re also members of CIFAS, a group which aims to prevent fraud. We share information with other CIFAS members to reduce fraud and financial crime.

Keeping it safe online

Online Services and the MBNA Mobile App are secure ways to manage your credit card account. But you also need to know how to keep you and your information safe online. Our Online Security Guide gives hints and tips which can help.

Keep yourself safe

Smartphone safety

  • The company that made your phone will often send security upgrades. Make sure you update your phone with these.
  • Use auto-lock and a PIN or password on your phone. That way no one can access your details.
  • If you log in to Online Services or any similar sites, make sure to use a secure Wi-Fi connection.
  • 3G or 4G uses encryption software. This means your data can't be read by a third party.
  • Add extra security software to protect your phone.
  • Remember other users can see what you’re looking at when you’re connected to Bluetooth. So only use it when you have to.

Looking after your credit card

You should know where your card is at all times. Keep it in sight when using it in shops or restaurants and never leave it unattended. It only takes a few minutes for someone to make a copy.

Your PIN number is for your eyes only. You should never tell anyone else, or give it away online or over the phone. It’s only ever for when you have to pay using a point of sale machine.

If you receive a replacement card for any reason, destroy your old one by cutting it up as small as you can so the account number can’t be read or the magnetic strip used. You should also shred receipts and any paperwork you don’t need to keep rather than just throwing them away.

Card and PIN Services


Identifying an email from MBNA

Account details

When we send you an email, we’ll only ever display the last four numbers of your account and / or part of your postcode.

Customer care

We’ll always address you by your title and surname such as ‘Hello Mr Smith’.

Required actions

If we need you to take action on something to do with your credit card, we’ll ask you to log in to Online Services and do it from there.

If we need you to take action on something to do with your loan, we’ll ask you to write or contact us by phone.


We’ll never send you an email that asks for your PIN or security details. If you get an email like this, don’t reply. Forward it to us at then delete it. MBNA is part of Lloyds Banking Group.

Scam emails will often contain variations of our website address, such as, or will be full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Sometimes they’ll threaten to close your account or add a charge if you don’t do what it says. If you’re unsure whether an email is really from us, please get in touch straightaway, so we can confirm it with you.

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  • You need to take care when you use Online Services or the MBNA Mobile App.

    We'll refund any money you lose by any fraudulent transactions on your card, if you do all you can to keep your details and devices safe.

    But we may not give you a refund if you help a scam to take place by a careless or fraudulent act.

    If you follow our advice, it will help you to avoid scams and help us to consider a refund.

    Log in and out safely

    • Don’t let anyone else have access to your app.
    • Log out after each time you use Online Services.

    Keep your login details private

    • Never share your banking login details. These include your user ID, password, and memorable information. We’ll never contact you to ask for them.
    • The only time you can share your banking login details is under a legal agreement. This includes anyone you have a joint account with.
    • You should not store your login details where they can be found by other people.
    • Tell us right away if you think anyone else knows these.
    • Never allow someone to gain remote access to your device while you’re using Online Services or your app. Fraudsters can pretend to be us or other well known companies to steal your details and money.

    Protect your device

    • Install an anti-virus on every device where you use your app or Online Services. Keep it up-to-date and run a scan at least once a week.
    • Update your web browser and operating system as soon as updates are available.

    For more guidance on using our online services, please read the terms and conditions.