Before you start

There’s a few things you need before you get started with your balance transfers.

Make sure you know:

  • Your Online Services or MBNA Mobile App log in
  • The other card details you want to transfer from – they must be Visa®, Mastercard® or American Express® held in your name
  • How much you want to transfer – each transfer must be £100 min and you can only transfer up to 93% of your credit limit

How long do balance transfers take?

  • The online application forms usually takes a few minutes to fill in
  • Transfers will usually hit your account the next working day if they’re approved
  • You’ll need to continue to make payments to your other cards until you can see the transfer’s gone through

Ready to go?

Log in online or using the MBNA Mobile App to get started.

Transfer a balance

Important information

  • Balance transfers are subject to eligibility and security checks. These won’t leave a footprint on your credit file.
  • You might be charged a fee for any balance transfers you make. This is normally a percentage of the amount you’re transferring. For example, a transfer of £1,000 with a 3% fee would result in a £30 transfer fee.
  • Only paying back the minimum payment every month could take you longer to clear your balance and cost you more.
  • You can’t transfer balances between MBNA accounts.
  • Once the transfer’s been processed, it can’t be cancelled. Neither can any fees.
  • If you’ve not paid all your balance transfer amount off before your promotional period ends, interest will be payable on the remaining amount at your account’s standard interest rate.