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  • Credit card terms and conditions

    View our draft terms and conditions (PDF, 770KB).

    Online Card Services agreement

    View our Online Card Services agreement.

  • Financial and Trade Sanctions (collectively “Sanctions”) are part of a package of measures applied by individual countries, International Organisations, or Regional Bodies, to fight aggression, terrorism, criminal behaviour, or violations of human rights. These sanctions measures are intended to motivate a change in behaviour by the individual, regime, or jurisdiction concerned, or to deprive terrorists and criminals of access to funds.

    In general terms, sanctions legislation prohibits the exchange of funds, services or goods with those who are subject to sanctions.

    The most frequently applied measures are:

    • embargoes on exporting or supplying arms and associated technical assistance, training and financing
    • a ban on exporting equipment that might be used for internal repression
    • financial sanctions on individuals in government, government bodies and associated companies, or terrorist groups and individuals associated with those groups, by stopping the flow of money to or from them
    • travel bans on named individuals
    • bans on imports of raw materials or goods from the sanctions target
    • bans on exportation or importation of goods relating to specified industries or the raising of capital for these industries.
    • Other measures may be applied according to individual circumstances. A failure to comply with these obligations can carry serious consequences, including criminal penalties.

    To ensure that the requirements imposed by the European Union, the UK, the UN Security Council, and other countries in which Lloyds Banking Group operates, are fulfilled, MBNA has a sanctions policy in place which meets and, in some cases, exceeds, what is required by law.

    With this in mind, MBNA exercises a risk based and diligent approach when business is proposed in the following countries and regions:

    • Iran
    • Syria
    • North Korea
    • Sudan
    • Cuba
    • Burma / Myanmar
    • The Crimean peninsula including Sevastopol.

    If you are planning to directly or indirectly engage in any form of business, or to remit or receive funds (in any currency) in a way which may involve the countries and regions in the list above, or an individual or entity who has been specially designated, then please contact us beforehand, as transactions could otherwise be delayed, rejected, or frozen.

    This list is based on our understanding of the position at the date of publication, and may be subject to change in the light of experience, evolving risks, legislation, or regulation.

    Contact information can be found by clicking on the “contact us” link on this page. Or, if you have a named Relationship Manager, please get in touch with them.

    Further information on sanctions and embargoes can be found on the GOV.UK and United States OFAC websites.

  • Paperless terms and conditions

    These terms apply when you choose to get online statements and other documents for credit card accounts and should be read in conjunction with the terms for each account held.

    Agreeing to receive documents online – what does it mean for me?

    Once paper statements or correspondence are stopped for your account, you’re agreeing for your documents to be sent electronically to your personal account area in Online Card Services.

    We’ll no longer send statements or correspondence for the account by post, unless you ask us to start sending you paper statements and/or correspondence again or for another reason stated in these conditions.

    You can view your statements or correspondence online at any time by logging on to Online Card Services and viewing your online Inbox for correspondence or Account Statements section for statements. We won’t amend or delete any statements or correspondence which is held in your personal account area in Online Card Services.

    Credit card accounts – statements

    Your credit card statements will be available to view as PDF (Portable Document Format) files. By agreeing to receive your statements online, you’re also agreeing to receive other documents that we normally send as part of your paper statements, such as certain Notices of Variation, Notices of Default Sums, Notices of Sums in Arrears and Annual Statements as part of your electronic statement.

    What if I want to switch back to paper?

    You can ask us to start sending you paper statements or correspondence again at any time. Just log on to Online Card Services and go to the ‘Manage online and paper preferences’ page. You’ll then be able to opt-in/opt-out for statements and correspondence for each individual account.

    Alternatively you can call us on 03456 062 062 (or +44 1244 659 005 from outside the UK). If you have a hearing or speech impairment, contact us using Text Relay on: 18001 03456 062 062

    You’ll begin receiving paper statements again at the same frequency you were receiving them before they were stopped. There are no restrictions on the number of times you can opt into or out of paper statements.

    Can my online statement be used as proof of ID/address?

    The online statements produced may not be accepted as proof of ID/address, as some companies require original paper statements rather than online printouts.

    How do I get a paper copy of my online statement or correspondence? Will I be charged for this?

    You can request a paper statement by calling us on 03456 062 062 (or +44 1244 659 005 from outside the UK). If you have a hearing or speech impairment, contact us using Text Relay on: 18001 03456 062 062

    There will be a charge for all paper copies of credit card statements if you’ve chosen to receive your statements online. Please see your credit card terms and conditions for further details of the charge we’ll make.

    What happens if I don't view my online statement or correspondence?

    If you log on to Online Card Services but don’t view your statements for 3 consecutive months, we’ll send you an online reminder and an e-mail to remind you to view your statements online. You’ll get another online reminder if you don’t view your statements after 6 consecutive months.

    What happens if I close an account for which I receive online statements or correspondence?

    If you intend to close an account for which you receive online statements, please ensure that you print copies for your records before you do so, as you’ll no longer be able to access your statements online once the account is closed.

    What happens if there are changes to the paperless terms and conditions?

    We may change these terms and conditions by giving you at least two months' advance personal notice. In giving you personal notice, we’ll tell you about the change by letter, email, online message, text message, statement message or insert or in any other way which is sent to you individually.

Welcome to our Website

This is the official Website of MBNA Limited (“we” or “us” or “our”). By accessing this Website (the “Website”) you shall be deemed to have fully accepted these terms (the “Terms”).

1. Who are we?
2. Will these terms or the Website change?
3. What happens to my content?
4. Can I copy parts of the Website for my records?
5. Should I access third party links on the website?
6. Can I link to and from the Website?
7. What are my obligations around security and viruses?
8. What are my and your responsibilities in relation to the Website?
9. Which law and courts will rule these terms?
10. Where can I contact you if I have questions?

1. Who are we?

MBNA Limited is registered at Companies House with company number 02783251. Our registered office is at Cawley House, Chester Business Park, Chester CH4 9FB. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are also authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017, under registration number 204487 for the provision of payment services.

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2. Will these terms or the Website change?

We may change these Terms by changing this page at any time. We may change our Website at any time.

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3. What happens to my content?

Your personal information is covered under our Privacy Notice and Cookie Policy. Please take a moment to read these documents. Any other material or data you transmit to the Website is not deemed confidential or exclusive. We shall not be responsible for such material or data.

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4. Can I copy parts of the Website for my records?

You may only copy or store the Website to access our products and services. You may produce print-outs of the Website for your own personal and non-commercial use. Unless otherwise stated, we (or our licensors) own the copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in the Website.

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5. Should I access third party links on the website?

We do not control and are not responsible for the content or availability of third party websites. We do not endorse or make any representations about third party websites. It is fully at your own risk if you decide to access any of the third party websites linked to the Website.

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6. Can I link to and from the Website?

You may link to our Website, as long as you do not replicate the home page of the Website. Also, you must not:

(a) remove, distort or otherwise alter the size or appearance of any images or logos;

(b) create a frame or any other browser or border environment around the Website;

(c) in any way imply that the we are endorsing any products or services other than our own;

(d) misrepresent your relationship with us or present any other false information about us;

(e) use any trade marks displayed on the Website without our express written permission;

(f) link from a website that is not owned by you;

(g) have any content on your Website that is distasteful, offensive or controversial, infringes any intellectual property rights or other rights of any other person or otherwise does not comply with all applicable laws.

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7. What are my obligations around security and viruses?

We do not guarantee that our Website will be secure or free from bugs or viruses. You must not misuse our Website by knowingly introducing material, code or programs which are malicious or technologically harmful. You must not attempt to gain unauthorised access to, or attack, our Website, the server on which our Website is stored or any server, computer or database connected to our Website.

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8. What are my and your responsibilities in relation to the Website?

The Website only complies with UK laws. You should only use it from the UK. You must be an UK resident for the products and services to be available to you.

The information on this Website may not always be quite up to date or complete. You should check details about important things like price or interest rates in any service or product agreement you sign with us.

While we try our best to make sure the Website is available 24 hours a day, we shall not be liable if the Website is not available at any time, for any reason.

We shall not be liable for any direct or indirect liability for any claims, losses, demands or damages that you or a third party may incur in connection with using or not being able to use the Website. However, nothing in these terms shall impact our liability for:

(a) death or personal injury caused by our negligence; or
(b) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or
(c) any liability the extent of which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.

If you breach any of these Terms, your permission to use and/or link to the Website terminates immediately.

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9. Which law and courts will rule these terms?

These Terms shall be ruled by and interpreted under English law. Both we and you will resolve any disputes in connection with these Terms in the English courts.

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10. Where can I contact you if I have questions?

You can find our contact details by visiting our contact us page.

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