Whatever your needs or abilities, we’re always working to make sure our services are accessible to you.

Any enhancements to our online services are based on universal design and priorities one and two of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)®.

Here are some handy tips for screen reader users

Navigate by headings

We've structured our website so each section on each page is labelled with a heading. These headings are formatted in such a way your screen reader can identify them, helping you locate the information you need more easily.

Descriptive link text

To help you find what you’re looking for more easily, we use descriptive link text everywhere we can on this site. Where this isn’t possible, we'll include additional text before or after the link which can be picked up by screen reader users, so the destination of every link is clear for everyone.

Upgrade to Adobe® Reader® version 5.0 or later

Because PDF files created in Adobe® Reader® version 4.0 or earlier aren’t accessible by screen readers, MBNA creates its PDF files in version 5.0 or later. To access PDFs on our site, you'll need to upgrade your Adobe® Reader® version to 5.0 or later.

Control font sizes

You can control the font size of each page using your internet browser settings - see below for instructions on how to do this in individual browsers (you’ll have to search online for your browser if it’s not listed here). Our pages are constructed so the font will resize without significantly changing the site layout.

Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge

  • Select 'View' from the browser menu bar, or press 'Alt' and 'V'.
  • Go to the 'Text size' option or press 'X'.
  • Choose your preferred text size using your mouse, or the up and down arrow keys.
  • Select the text size you want, or press 'Enter'.


  • Press the ‘Alt’ key.
  • Select ‘View’ followed by ‘Zoom’.
  • Go to 'Zoom Text Only'.
  • Choose the size of text you want.

Safari (Apple devices)

  • Select 'View' to open the menu.
  • Choose the ‘Make Text Bigger’ or ‘Make Text Smaller’ option, or use keyboard shortcuts by selecting 'Apple' and '+' or 'Apple' and '-'.

Google Chrome

  • Select the ‘wrench’ or ‘menu’ icon in the top right-hand corner of the browser window.
  • Use the + or - icons in the ‘Zoom’ section of the menu to increase or decrease the font size.

We’d also recommend using the latest version of your internet browser.

Why should I update my browser?

You’ll benefit from up-to-date security features and a better online experience - websites will look nicer and perform faster, and you’ll be able to use the latest features and tools they have to offer. The latest browsers also make it easier for newer screen readers to handle web technologies, including JavaScript. If you have JavaScript turned off because it interferes with your screen reader, update your browser and your screen reader. If it still doesn’t work properly after that, try a different reader.

To upgrade your browser, you’ll need to visit your preferred provider’s home page and do it from there - we’ve included links to some of the most popular ones below. If you choose not to upgrade, there might be parts of the site you won't be able to use.

Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer

We also provide the following services

For customers with hearing impairments

Various secure text phone (Minicom) services are available in the UK to make telephone communication easier for you. Text phone users can dial 18001 and then the standard telephone number which alerts our representatives they’re on a text call - an operator from your selected service provider will then join the call and relay the conversation between our representative and you.

For more information, search online, contact your service provider direct or visit our contact us page

For visually impaired customers

We can provide alternative transcript formats for customers who require them - including large print, Braille, audio and CD, or on coloured paper to make it easier to read.

To use these services, just call and our representative will confirm your details. We’ll make sure we reformat all correspondence sent to you (i.e. statements and most letters).

For customers with speech impediments

We’ll accept a letter of authority to enable us to deal with any person who wishes to nominate a third party to speak on their behalf. We’ll also accept verbal authority to deal with third parties, but only on a case-by-case basis.

Free help and advice

AbilityNet offers independent advice on how to make your computer easier to use.

You can let us know how you’d like to get mail from us. Just give us a call or you can now choose your support options via the ‘Your profile’ menu in our Online or Mobile services.

Helping our customers stay digitally connected

We’ve teamed up with We Are Digital to help people learn how to access essential services using the internet. 

Learn more about how We Are Digital can help here