Applying for a second credit card

As an existing customer, you can apply for a second MBNA credit card.

A second card could give you additional flexibility by using it for something specific, like a planned purchase, or to consolidate existing credit card debt from another lender (although you can’t transfer balances between MBNA accounts).

Just bear in mind, transferring other more expensive debts to this card and paying only the minimum amount due each month may lower your overall monthly debt repayments, but it may take you longer and cost you more to repay what you owe.

A second card could give you the opportunity to take advantage of benefits, such as introductory offers. You may also be able to redistribute your credit limit between your existing credit cards (there is more information about that below).

Finally, a second card could come in handy if you’re paying off a balance on your existing card, but would like to keep your everyday spending separate.

Check you’re eligible to apply

You can apply for a second MBNA credit card if you meet the following conditions:

  • You’re not applying within 60 days of having opened your first credit card with us.
  • You don’t already have 2 credit cards with MBNA, and a maximum of 5 with the Lloyds Banking Group (which includes Halifax, Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland).
  • Subject to a full affordability and credit check.

Check and compare online with Clever Check - our credit card eligibility checker

In just a few minutes, see the MBNA credit cards you’re eligible to apply for, your estimated credit limit and the likelihood of being accepted - all without affecting your credit rating. Your Clever Check results will include details of any promotional offers, along with a representative APR and representative example to help you understand and compare the costs.

It’s a quick and easy way to see if we can meet your borrowing needs before you spend time completing a full application.

Learn more about Clever Check

Is an additional card the best option for you?

Other options on your existing credit card:

  • Your credit limit - you could apply for a credit limit increase if your current limit no longer meets your needs.
  • Check for transfer offers - we provide balance and money transfer offers to existing customers, which could help you get organised and save on higher interest repayments elsewhere.
  • Additional cardholder - you can share your credit card account and credit limit with anyone aged 18 or over, subject to status. Handy if you’d like to keep track of expenses on one card. As the main cardholder, you'll be responsible for any spending and making monthly payments.

Log in to our app or Online Services to find out more. If you don't use online services, give us a call.

Redistributing your credit limit

If you’ve got 2 MBNA credit cards, you can redistribute the credit limits between them. So, if you have credit available on one of your credit cards (i.e. you’ve not used your entire credit limit), you can move a proportion of it across to your other credit card.

You can redistribute your credit limit once every 6 months and you can move a minimum of £100 and up to a maximum of 90% of your available credit limit. There must also be an overall credit limit of £500 left on the original card.

  • Redistributing your credit limit is different from a balance transfer - it simply means you can allocate your credit limit across 2 MBNA credit cards. It does not pay off any outstanding balance on either card.
  • Redistributing is different from a credit limit increase - it won’t increase the combined credit limit available to you.

You can only redistribute your credit limit by calling us.

Prefer just having one card?

Instead of applying for a new card, you might be able to swap your existing MBNA credit card for one with different features and benefits to those you’ve got now. Read our guide about swapping your credit card. Just bear in mind, if you switch cards you’ll lose any promotional rates you currently have, and your new card will have its own set of terms and conditions (make sure you read those carefully).