Making your minimum monthly payment

How we calculate your minimum payment

The minimum payment we ask for is charged on a monthly basis and will be the higher of £25 or the total of:

  • Any interest charged, plus
  • Any default charges payable, plus
  • Payment protection cover/credit card repayments cover (if any), plus
  • Any annual fee, plus
  • A percentage of the total balance you owe (including interest and charges), as shown in your statement and in line with your terms and conditions.

If you owe less than £25, you must pay the full amount you owe.

Making payments

There are a range of payment options for your account available at MBNA, including:

  • By Direct Debit.
  • By debit card.
  • By cheque.
  • At a bank (in branch or online).

Learn more about the different ways you can manage your payments.

If you can’t make your minimum payment

Missing your minimum payment could mean a late payment charge being added to your account and could affect your credit rating. If you think you might struggle to make your next payment or are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact us. It’s important you get in touch so we can try and help.

You can download our income and expenditure form (PDF, 53KB) if you’re concerned about your financial situation.

Repayment calculator

Understand how your monthly payments can impact the time it takes to repay your balance. Increasing them could reduce the amount of interest paid.


Total interest paid = ##interest##

Total paid = ##total_paid##

Period of time = ##years## year(s) and ##months## months


Getting help and advice

There are a number of organisations who can give you free help and advice about tackling debt:

Visit PayPlan

Visit MoneyHelper

StepChange Debt Charity
Visit StepChange

Citizens Advice
Visit Citizens Advice

National Debtline
Visit National Debtline

Understanding credit