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Understanding Credit

Simple guides about credit

Person holding MBNA credit card and using laptop

What is credit?

Put simply, credit is borrowing money, and paying it back later, usually monthly.  Everything you borrow shows on your credit file. This section shows you how to build and look after your credit score.

Person using laptop at desk

Applying for credit

Before you even apply for credit, there’s lots of stuff to think about. Start by finding the right credit card for you, and learn what an eligibility check and representative example are.

Person using laptop at desk

Managing credit

Once you’re up and running, it’s really important to manage your credit properly. Find out how we work out your minimum payments, how to make your payment every month, and what happens when you clear your balance.

Woman using tablet and holding credit card

Understanding transfers

Balance transfers and money transfers are probably terms you’ve heard before. But you might not know a lot about them, or how to go about making them. Check out our handy transfer guides here.

Person using calculator & tablet

Staying in control

It’s important you use credit correctly and manage your borrowing responsibly. We’ll tell you how, and explain what to do if you need help or your circumstances change.

Getting the help you need

There's a number of organisations you can ask for help with paying your credit and you can download a free copy of our Dealing with Debt leaflet

Please note: The contents of these pages are not intended to be taken as financial advice or recommendation made by MBNA. You should seek independent financial advice if unsure about your financial needs.