How to check Your Credit Score

You can find Your Credit Score in the MBNA Mobile App. 

  • See what’s going well and what you can do to help improve your TransUnion credit score. 
  • It’s free to check and won’t affect your score.

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What is Your Credit Score?

Your Credit Score is a service we provide, so you can easily view your TransUnion credit score for free.

Why use Your Credit Score? 

  • See what’s going well. Understand what is improving your score. 
  • See what you could improve. Quickly learn how you could improve your own credit score. 
  • Track your progress. It’s updated regularly, so you can track your progress. 
Your Credit Score mobile app

Registering for Your Credit Score is simple

Register for Your Credit Score and check your TransUnion credit score whenever you like.

Confirm your name, date of birth and address history, and that you’re happy for us to share these details with TransUnion in order for us to request your credit score on your behalf. 

Once you’re registered, you can view your credit score whenever you like. You’ll also get useful tips on how you might be able to improve it.

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What’s a credit score? 

A credit score can show you how lenders may view your borrowing behaviour. They usually have their own scoring system based on information about how well you manage your finances, such as repaying loans and credit cards. 

You can use your credit score as a guide. Usually, the higher your score, the more likely you are to be accepted for things like credit cards, mortgages, personal loans and other credit. 

Your credit score can change over time. Learn how to help improve your own credit score.