Keep your home protected

If you're ready to renew your policy, we'll take you through the next steps. You'll also be able to choose how your policy renews each year.

How to renew and pay

If it's time to renew your policy, you should have received your renewal pack, which includes your policy documents.

If you're happy with your policy, then select the ‘Renew and pay for your policy’ button. You'll need to have your policy number to hand. If you haven't set up a Direct Debit with us, you'll also need your card details.

If you opted not to renew automatically last time, you'll also be able to change how your policy renews.

If you're happy with the cover you have, you can renew and pay for your policy online.

If you're not able to renew online, you can call us.

Renew and pay for your policy

Manage your policy online

If you need to make other changes online, find out how to on the manage your policy page.

Manage your policy here

Your policy and what it covers

Find out how to view your cover details in Internet Banking or check your policy booklet. 

View your policy

Change how your policy renews

You can choose for your policy to renew automatically each year. To change this, just let us know.

Renew each year

FAQs & Common queries

  • When it's time to renew, we’ll write to you a few weeks before to let you know what your price and cover will be for another year. If you have chosen to automatically renew, we'll renew your policy. If you haven't, you'll need to contact us before your policy ends. You can change your mind about your renewal option at any time by letting us know.

  • You can cancel your home insurance at any time during the term of your policy. You can do this online or by calling us.

    After renewal, if you change your mind within 14 days, we can cancel your policy back to the start date and give you a full refund of your premium, unless you have made a claim. If you wish to cancel but would like to remain covered until the date you cancel, you’ll need to pay for the number of days cover you’ve received.

  • We’ll send you details of your renewal and price before your renewal date. Unless you have asked us not to, your policy will renew each year automatically. You may still need to contact us to pay for your policy.

    You can choose not to automatically renew at any time. If you have chosen this, you will need to renew online before your renewal date if you wish to stay covered with us. If you forget to renew or don’t get a new policy, your home won’t be insured.