What you can do

When you log in, you’ll find your policy shown alongside the rest of your Lloyds Bank products. Select it, and you’ll be able to take any of the following actions.

  • Here you’ll find the basic information about your current policy. You’ll be able to:

    • view and change how your policy renews
    • see a summary of your excess
    • check how much you’re paying and manage your payments.
  • This is where you can check specific details about the cover you have. You’ll be able to check:

    • your level of cover
    • what is and isn’t covered, and a summary of your cover limits
    • available cover that you can add to your policy.

Manage your policy in Internet Banking

If you have a credit card or loan with us and are registered for Online Services, you can log in to check your cover details and manage your policy. This includes some services that you would otherwise need to call us for, such as changing your cover and managing your payments.

How to access your policy online

Log in to Online Services

You can log in to Online Services simply and securely. If you haven’t already, it's easy to register online. You’ll need to have at least one of our banking products.


Log in

MBNA mobile App

Download our mobile app and log on to Internet Banking to manage your policy on the go, alongside your other banking products, all from one place.

More about our app

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