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Conveniently commonplace

Contactless is an easy and secure way to make payments, usually without entering your PIN.

Using a card – make payments of up to £100.

Using a mobile device – most retailers set their own limits, so check with them before you pay.

Contactless is offered by a growing number of retailers and service providers around the world.

Please note: not all contactless transactions appear immediately on your online and mobile account. If you can’t see a transaction, please wait up to 4 days for it to be added before contacting us.

Here's how it works

Look out for the contactless symbol when making a purchase.

Touch your card or mobile device to the reader to pay.

Wait for the beep or green light. This means your transaction is complete.

Mobile device payments

Apple Pay™

Apple Pay™

Enjoy all the benefits of your MBNA credit card using Apple Pay. It’s the easy, secure and private way to pay.

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Google Pay

Google Pay™

Google Pay is the fast, simple way to pay with your MBNA credit card in stores, in apps and online.

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Good to know about contactless

To prevent accidental use, your card or device has to be really close to the reader (about 2-4cm) and the retailer has to have initiated a transaction. Also, the reader and your card or device are set-up to make a single transaction at a time, so you’ll only ever be charged once, even if you double-tap by mistake.

Of course you can still use Chip and PIN if you prefer, or where contactless isn’t available. When you receive a new card you’ll need to make one Chip and PIN transaction before you can start using contactless anyway (it’s just a security thing).

You’ll pay interest on card purchases, unless you pay your statement balance in full every month, or you have a retail promotional interest rate of 0% on your account.

We're always on guard

Contactless and mobile device payments are protected in the same way as other transactions on your credit card account… you might just be asked to enter your PIN occasionally for added security, especially if you’ve made several transactions in a row.

We’re always watching for unusual activity and you’re protected as standard against transactions made without your knowledge or consent. Just contact us as soon as you notice anything unusual on your account, or your card or mobile device is missing.

Good to know: if you add your card to a mobile device, your actual card details are encrypted, so they’re never on display.

One tap and you’re away

When you’re using public transport, contactless could help you skip ticket or top-up queues, making it quicker to get where you’re going, and home again.

If you’re a frequent passenger in London, you’ll be pleased to know that Transport for London buses, DLR, Underground, National Rail and Thames Clippers accept contactless across their networks – just hold your card to their readers to tap in and out as you travel.

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Frequently asked questions about contactless payments

  • Contactless is pretty commonplace now, so you should be able to use your card or mobile device to pay using contactless wherever there’s a payment terminal.

    As long as you can see the contactless symbol, you can pay that way. It’s also widely accepted across transport networks, including buses, trains and the London Underground, so you don’t need to worry about not having the right change.

    Your contactless card can also be used in lots of places overseas. In countries where it can’t be used, you’ll need to pay by Chip and PIN. Not all contactless transactions appear immediately on your online and mobile account. If you can’t see a transaction, please wait up to 4 days for it to be added before contacting us.

  • Yes. Contactless transactions are covered by the same fraud protection as other types of payment, and we’ll always let you know if we spot something unusual on your account. If your card or mobile device is lost or stolen, please get in touch.

    As an added security step, you might be asked to make a Chip and PIN payment occasionally, especially if you’ve made a lot of transactions in a short space of time.

  • No. You have to hold your card or phone around 2-4cm from the reader when making a payment, and the retailer must have entered the amount of the transaction for you to approve. You can’t make extra payments by accident either (by double tapping, for example) as card readers are only set up to take one at a time.

  • You can now use MBNA Mobile App to choose a contactless payment limit between £30 & £95.

  • All MBNA credit cards now come with contactless as standard, so the easiest way is to order a new card online. When you receive your new card, you’ll need to make at least one Chip and PIN payment before you can start making contactless payments.

  • MBNA cards are contactless as standard but if you don’t want a contactless card, you can use our app to freeze contactless transactions.

    The quickest way to stop contactless transactions is to freeze them in our Mobile app. If you want to speak to a person, you can contact us. A new card would arrive in within five working days.