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Mobile services

Our most popular services in your pocket – now that’s handy.

MBNA Card Services App

You can get straight to your credit card stuff with the MBNA Card Services App. Simply download it to an Apple or Android Smartphone or tablet.1

To find out more about the app, choose a device type:

MBNA Mobile app log in screenshot

Mobile Card Services

We still offer this service too – access Online Card Services using the internet browser on your Smartphone and you’ll arrive at Mobile Card Services.

Like Online Card Services, you can view your account details, make balance and money transfers and pay your latest bill. You’ll just need an internet connection and your Online Card Services log in details. If you’re not registered, you’ll need to do that first.

Standard network charges may apply. Read our terms of use before using Mobile Card Services.

Mobile text services

Mobile Text Services

Another simple way to manage your account is by Mobile Text Services.

Text 83838 followed by:

  • BAL – for your up to date balance, available credit and credit limit.
  • TRANS – for where you’ve recently spent on your card.
  • BILL – to find out how much your next payment is and when you have to pay it by.
  • REWARDS – gives you an up to the minute Rewards Point balance (if you have a rewards card).

You can even make payments to us by text if we have your correct debit card details. Text BILL to 83838 and follow the on-screen instructions, followed by your debit card’s CVC code (the three digits on the back). You’ll get a text message back once it’s been successful.

If you’ve got more than one credit card account with us, remember to add the last four digits of the card you want to pay to your text. For example, BAL 1234.

We’ll need your mobile number to be recorded with us2 so you can use this service. Please get in touch if you need to give us your number.

Standard network charges will apply when contacting us by mobile phone.

Keep your details safe

Please remember to keep the information that we text to you secure and confidential. We recommend using the auto-lock feature, so only you can access your device.

Learn more about security

1 App downloads are subject to store terms and conditions. To use the Card Services App, you must be registered for Online Card Services and have a compatible mobile device, operating system and internet access. Service may be affected by signal availability. Use of the Card Services App is subject to the app terms of use and privacy policy available when you download the app.

2 To use this service you must have provided us with your mobile number. Standard network charges may apply.

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