Coronavirus: help and support for customers

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected us all in different ways. We want to help so here is some important information about how we can support you during this time.

Managing your money

  • If you are struggling to make your monthly payments, you can use our support tool to find the right support for you. This can help you to see where your money goes and what you can ask us for support with, including:

    • A payment holiday to help you manage your money
    • Give you the time and space to get some free independent help and advice

    Payment holidays are not for everyone. It is important you understand the implications of all options available before you make the decision on what is right for you.

    A payment holiday is subject to approval. If accepted, you won’t need to make the usual repayment amount for up to 3 months, this could be a reduced amount or your full monthly payment. You can only take up to 3 months at a time (6 months in total). The amount you owe will go up and you will pay more interest overall.

    You can use the Money Advice Service Money Navigator Tool to get instant help based on what you tell it about your circumstances. 

    We offer payment holidays on:

    Credit cards
    If your payment is due now and you can’t make the minimum payment, we won't charge a late payment fee or remove any promotional interest rates in the short term. 

    If you need more support, our support tool will help you decide which option is best for you and your needs.

    If your loan repayment is due within the next 7 working days, you will still need to make this payment and any repayment holiday you are given will start the following month. If you have a joint loan, any repayment holiday will be given to both of you. If your repayment is due now and you’re unable to make the repayment, we won't charge you a fee.

    Explore your options and find out more.

    There's no need to cancel your Direct Debit. But if you have, you need to make sure you can start repayments again after the repayment holiday. You can do this by re-instating your Direct Debit.

    End of your payment holiday
    You may be coming close to the end of your payment holiday period. Remember there is no need to contact us, we’ll be in touch before your current payment holiday ends on how we can help.

    Find out about your options at the end of your payment holiday.

    If you have Payment Protection Insurance (LifestyleProtect) you may be able to claim under your policy if you are unable to work due to sickness or unemployment. Please call us on 0800 587 0525.

  • If you need to increase your existing credit card limit, you don’t need to call us – you can apply using Online Card Services.

    Using Online Card Services, just sign in and select ‘Manage credit limit’.

    To request a credit limit increase, you’ll need a payment history of at least six months on your account. We’ll only offer you an increase if we think you can afford it. You can ask to lower your credit limit at any time.

Make the most of Online Card Services

You can look after your money safely and securely using Online Card Services and our Card Services app.

  • View your balance and transactions quickly any time, from any device.
  • Make payments, view your statements and payment due dates.
  • Order a replacement card or PIN.
  • Freeze transactions – using our app you can control how your cards are used, by freezing some transaction types.

We use the very latest security tech to help you stay safe online. And you’re always protected by our online fraud guarantee.

Get free help on how to use the internet

We’ve partnered with We Are Digital who can provide free online training over the phone, allowing you to stay safe and connected from the comfort of your own home.

You can get help and guidance on how to use the internet including viewing your bank account balance and make payments, booking a doctor’s appointment and using the NHS website or getting a food shop delivered to your front door. 

Simply call the We Are Digital helpline on 0345 222 0333 Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. Please note: Calls to 03 numbers are charged at no more than local rate.

If you have a hearing impairment, get support from a BSL (British Sign Language) interpreter and book your session using our Sign Video serviceAvailable on Safari, Chrome or Firefox web browsers.

Remember, we’ll never get in touch to ask you to move money to another account, for your banking details or to take control of a computer. We Are Digital won’t do this either.


We want to keep our phone lines available to help customers who are in the most vulnerable situations, please only call us if your enquiry is urgent.

We have a dedicated phone number for customers who are aged 70 and over or who need additional support.

You can still use our Online and Mobile services to manage your account.

If you need to call us, you can do this direct from your Card Services app.
As you’re already securely logged in, we’ll already know it’s you.
Learn more about the Card Services app

Be ready for an additional check when you shop online

To make shopping online even safer, soon you’ll notice an extra security step to check it’s really you. Make sure you’ve given us your latest phone numbers. To check login to Online Card Services, use our card services app or see our support page for changes to shopping and using your card online for more information.

Other ways we can help

  • If you have booked travel and your flights or holiday have been cancelled, you may be able to get your money back. This can be done through a number of ways:

    Contact your travel provider

    The company you booked with may be able to help. To resolve any travel disputes please contact the merchant in the first instance and check their website for helpful information.

    Below are links to the web pages for the main travel providers used by our customers, which may help you further. We’ve also included the links for their coronavirus web pages, however we suggest you ensure you look at information across all of their web pages to understand how they can best help you.

    MBNA is not responsible for the content or function of third party websites

    Ways we may be able to help

    If you’re struggling to get a refund from the travel provider, and you paid on an MBNA credit card, we may be able to help. Use our handy travel disruption tool to see the options available to you.

    Travel Disruption Tool

    We know that this is a very confusing time, so we’ve answered some of your frequently asked travel questions to help make things simpler.

  • Making a claim for a cancelled package holiday, flights or accommodation

    If you’re struggling to get a refund from the travel provider, and you paid on an MBNA credit card, we may be able to help. Use our travel disruption tool to see the options available to you before making a claim.

    Making a claim for anything else

    We want to help you if you’ve had a problem with a transaction on your credit card. Maybe there’s something wrong with what you’ve bought or perhaps you’re still being charged for a service you no longer use. 

    Find out how to make a claim

  • I’m caring for someone, how do I help them manage their money?

    During these difficult times, you may need someone to help you with your finances or for you to help them with theirs. Power of Attorney could help. It gives you the legal authority to deal with third parties such as banks or the local council on behalf of the person you’re trying to help. This is a safe way of allowing you to help someone manage their finances, or for them to help you.

    All about Power of Attorney

  • Your money is safe in your account. We’ll never call, text or email to tell you to move money to another account, or ask for your banking details.

    Fraudsters are using coronavirus to try out new scams. They're selling items online like face masks, testing kits and hand sanitisers that are fake or don't exist. Before you buy anything online, check reviews to make sure a seller is genuine. And pay by card as it helps to protect your money if there’s a problem.

    Look out for other scams by email, phone and text that offer advice, a test or a cure for the virus. The NHS Test and Trace service is now running and it’s free. The vaccine is also completely free. If the NHS get in touch, they won't ask you to pay them or for any of your banking details. The NHS will never ask for copies of personal documents to prove your identity.

    You can protect yourself by using the following steps: 

    • Hang up the phone – Fraudsters can pretend to be your bank or other companies you trust. We’ll never call from the number on the back of your card. If you’re not sure who is calling, hang up.
    • Make sure it’s genuine – Even if you know who sent a message, be careful with one that arrives out of the blue. Check that it’s genuine before you reply. Call the sender on a number you trust, not one from an email or text.
    • Click with care – Only click on a link in a message if you know it's safe and trust the sender. We’ll never send you a link to log on or ask you to give your personal or banking details.

    Here are a few more tips to help you stay safe from scams:

    • Protect your devices – Update all your devices as soon as updates are available. Know where your device is at all times and lock it when it’s not in use.
    • Protect your passwords – Create a new, strong password for every account you use. It’s best to choose three random words and add numbers or special characters to make it hard to guess. And keep it private.
    • Share with care – Take care with what you share on social media. Always keep your personal and banking details private.

     We have more support available to help protect you from fraud:

    Be ready for changes when you shop online

    We are adding extra security checks when you're shopping online, to make sure it's really you. 

    We can check by sending you a passcode to your mobile, calling your landline or you can use our card services app. Make sure you’ve given us your latest phone numbers, as if we can’t prove it’s you, your transaction will be declined. See our support page for changes to shopping and using your card online to find out more. 

Frequent questions from our customers

We've answered common questions on cancelled events, payments and more.


Managing your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak

Whether you’re social distancing, self-isolating or a key worker, the coronavirus outbreak is unlike anything most of us have experienced before.

Many of us will be working from home, some may have lost their jobs and others may need to take time off work due to illness. All of which prevent us from having our usual daily interactions. This is bound to have an impact on our mental health. So what can we do to help ourselves and look after others during this time?

Our charity partner, Mental Health UK, has developed some useful tips and ideas to help people look after their mental health in such challenging times and some practical advice on how you can help your local community.

With our support, Mental Health UK has also launched a library full of tips and tools to help parents, guardians and carers have conversations about mental health with young people.

Further Support

Helping or caring for a loved one living with mental health issues can be challenging at the best of times. But the current coronavirus pandemic could create additional problems. Mental Health UK and Carers UK have developed some useful tips and ideas to help you look after your mental health in these challenging times, and some practical advice for anyone who would like to help.

Help managing your own mental health
Help managing someone else’s mental health
Carers UK


At Home Shouldn’t Mean At Risk – Domestic Abuse Support

We’re supporting the Government’s #YouAreNotAlone campaign, that helps those suffering from domestic abuse. If you’re worried or suspect that someone you know may be a victim of domestic abuse, you can get more information at If you’re in immediate danger call 999. If you can’t speak and are calling from a mobile, listen to the operator and, when prompted, dial 55 to connect to the police, who will help.


If I am impacted by coronavirus, what does it mean for my money?

Whilst the current focus is on people’s physical and mental health, the fallout and dramatic changes caused by the coronavirus outbreak could also have an impact on people’s financial wellbeing.

Find out more