Technical help

Read answers to frequently asked questions, including help if you’re struggling to log in to your online account.

Our online services are available to MBNA credit card customers only.

  • 1.
    Do I need to have JavaScript switched on to use Online Card Services?

    JavaScript needs to be switched on for you to use Online Card Services.

    JavaScript is a programming language used to make web pages interactive. If it's disabled, the content or the functionality of a web page may be limited or unavailable. Most web browsers now support JavaScript. If yours doesn't, please upgrade to the latest version of your browser, or download a new one. It's worth upgrading your browser when updates are available, so you get the best performance from any website you visit.

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    Does Online Card Services use cookies?

    Online Card Services uses temporary cookies. These are small pieces of data stored within your browser that help the site work more efficiently.

    You can find more information in our cookie policy.

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  • 3.
    How is Express Login secure?

    Our enhanced security systems mean that once you've registered your device with the MBNA Card Services App, we can link your unique profile to the app to make sure your transactions are safe and secure. This means only you will be able to use the app on your device. You'll then be able to access your accounts quickly and easily by logging in with your fingerprint on compatible iPhone and Android devices and Face ID on iPhone X.

    If you choose not to use your fingerprint or Face ID to log in to the app, you’ll be asked for three characters from your memorable information instead.

    Even if you use Touch or Face ID, it’s still important you don’t forget your Online Card Services password and memorable information.

    Learn more about mobile services.

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  • 4.
    I haven't received my temporary password. What should I do?

    Please allow 3-5 days from when you requested your temporary password to get it. Call us on 03456 062 062 (or +44 1244 659005 from outside the UK) if you don’t get it within this time. Standard network charges may apply.

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  • 5.
    How do I update the mobile phone number registered to my account before using the new app?

    To update your details, follow the steps in our handy guide.

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  • 6.
    I have more than 1 device. Can I get the app on all of them?

    Yes, you can download and register the mobile app on up to 5 Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. You can also register up to 5 Apple iPads for the tablet app.

    Each device must be registered for you to log in using Express Login. Or you can access Online Card Services through the web browser on your tablet.

    Learn more about mobile services.

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  • 7.
    What should I do if my tablet is lost/stolen or I suspect someone has got my log in details?

    You should call us immediately on 03456 062 062 (or +44 1244 659005 from outside the UK) so we can de-register your device. Standard network charges may apply.

    This will make sure that, even if someone managed to get hold of your Express Login details, they wouldn't be able to access your accounts using the app.

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  • 8.
    Does the app support accessibility features?

    Yes. The app is compatible with standard device screen readers if you’re visually-impaired. To use a screen reader, you'll need to enable the accessibility options in your device settings.

    The app has been fully accessibility tested (in line with WCAG 2.0 and respective native tablet application guidelines, and BS8878: 2010 Web Accessibility Code of Practice) and is accredited by DAC (Digital Accessibility Centre). User testing was carried out by individuals who are visually, mobility or hearing impaired, are dyslexic, or have a learning difficulty.

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  • 9.
    Why does my browser open when I tap on certain links?

    In some circumstances we’ll open internet pages in your browser rather than the app for security reasons.

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  • 10.
    Can I access Online Card Services on a work mobile with restricted Internet access?

    No. You’ll need full internet access on your mobile phone.

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  • 11.
    Does the app support multiple users?

    No. Only 1 registered Online Card Services user can access their online accounts through the app. However, other users of the tablet can still access Online Card Services through the web browser. Where a tablet is used by more than one person, login details should never be shared and users should always log out when they’re finished.

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  • 12.
    What additional transaction information can I view?

    To help you recognise transactions more easily, we’re able to display a number of details with a simple tap.

    The details shown vary based upon the transaction type. This might include the merchant name, business category and location, as well as the transaction date, payment method, and if applicable, any cashback amount or the foreign currency value.

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