Register your mobile device to use our MBNA Card Services app

You’ll need to do this the first time you use the app. It takes just a few steps and you’ll only need to do it once and you can follow our handy step by step guide.


Step one

Step 1

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Then open it once it’s ready.

Step two

Step 2

If you already use Online Card Services, select ‘Log in’. If not, select ‘Register’ and follow the steps on screen.

Step three

Step 3

Then we’ll ask for your username and password. Use your Online Card Services login details or the new details you set up if you registered on the app.

Step four

Step 4

Next we’ll need 3 characters of your memorable information. The number above each box tells you which to enter.

Step five

Step 5

Now we’ll do a quick security check to make sure it’s you. Choose a number for us to call you on.

Step 6

Step 6

You’ll get a 4-digit code on your screen. Then we’ll call you on the number you chose.

Step seven

Step 7

When you answer the phone, we’ll ask you to read out the code or key it in using the numbers on your phone.

Step eight

All done!

That’s it, you’re up and running with the app.