If you’re coming to the end of your credit card or loan payment holiday, we’ll contact you before it ends, there’s no need to call us. You can use our coronavirus support tool to find the right solution for your needs and confirm what you’d like to do in a few simple steps. You can find this tool on the coronavirus support page.

  • You can earn cash back when you buy goods using your MBNA credit card, subject to the minimum spend requirements outlined in your cash back programme rules.

    Please remember:

    • You won't earn cash back if you don't follow the terms of your credit card agreement.
    • If you return an item and get a refund, the cash back you earned will be deducted from your cash back balance.
    • If you have more than 1 cash back credit card you’ll have a separate balance for each, which can’t be combined.

    Important: unless otherwise specified, you won’t earn cash back on cash advances, money transfers, balance transfers, cash substitute transactions such as non-sterling currency, casino and gambling type transactions, finance charges, default charges, interest, payment protection insurance premiums, fees (including non-sterling transaction fees, card fees and handling fees), and unauthorised or fraudulent transactions.

    To make sure you fully understand how your programme works, please check your programme rules.

  • Your cash back balance is shown on your monthly statement.  The amount of cash back you've earned will only show on your credit card statement if you've made qualifying transactions since your previous statement.

  • Please email abs.client-support@argos.co.uk if you have any questions about redemption.

  • It really depends on the retailer you've chosen - some shopping vouchers may have an expiration date. Please check your vouchers as soon as you receive them and make sure you use them before they expire.