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Apple Pay terms

Important information

This important information relates to your use of MBNA cards with Apple Pay. When we refer to ‘your card‘ we mean the MBNA credit card you are registering to use with Apple Pay. ’We‘ or ’us‘ means MBNA. Registered in England and Wales under company number 02783251. Registered Office: Cawley House, Chester Business Park, Chester CH4 9FB. “Apple” means Apple Distribution International, an Irish unlimited company whose principle place of business is at Holly Hill Industrial Estate, Cork, Ireland.

1. Protection and security

Your current account or credit card terms and conditions set out certain steps you must take to keep your account and card details secure. They also apply to the use of your card with Apple Pay. For example, you must do all you reasonably can to:

  • Not leave the device you use to access Apple Pay unattended;
  • Use appropriate security on your devices, such as passcodes, passwords, fingerprint recognition and other unlock methods;
  • Ensure you only register your own fingerprints and not anyone else’s, if fingerprint recognition is available on your device;
  • Keep your log in details, such as user ID, passwords, passcodes and any other means you have of accessing your devices or the information stored on them confidential;
  • Use Apple Pay in accordance with all terms and conditions notified to you;
  • Delete all your personal and financial information from your old device if you stop using it, for example, if you get a replacement device.

Contact us as soon as possible if you suspect any unauthorised use of your Apple Pay device, or if your device or security details have been compromised, lost or stolen. You should also suspend your device using the Find My Mobile app.

2. Terms and conditions

When you use Apple Pay, all agreements, terms and conditions between you and us will continue to apply in the usual way. Transactions you make using Apple Pay are governed by the applicable current account or credit card terms and conditions, as well as any terms of use relating to Apple Pay which you may agree to with Apple. Your use of Apple Pay does not form part of any credit agreement you may have with us.

Apple Pay is provided by Apple and we are not responsible to you for your use of it or for any service, information, software or hardware provided to you by Apple or any other third party. We are not liable for any failures or faults, or any security, availability or performance issues, affecting or relating to Apple Pay or your device. We recommend that you read Apple’s Apple Pay terms and conditions for more information on these issues.

You may also have agreements with other third parties in relation to your use of Apple Pay such as other current account providers or credit card issuers. We are not responsible for any agreements you enter into with these third parties.

3. Eligibility, limits and restrictions

In order to use Apple Pay you must use an eligible card and meet all the other eligibility requirements. Please go to www.mbna.co.uk/applepay for information on what these are and on what payment limits or other restrictions apply to your use of Apple Pay.

4. Using personal and other information

Your personal information is processed in accordance with our privacy notice in order to allow your MBNA card to be used with Apple Pay. You can see our privacy notice on our website (http://www.mbna.co.uk/privacy/). Apple and your card network (e.g. Visaor Mastercard) may also have terms which relate to how your personal information is used by them when you use Apple Pay. We recommend that you read any terms they provide you with.