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About Our Eligibility Checker

Watch our video to discover how quick and easy it is to use our eligibility checker.  Find out your likelihood of being accepted without affecting your credit rating.

MBNA Platinum Credit Card

This is perhaps our best-known card. If you’re not familiar with it, this video might help you get to know it a little better.

MBNA All Round Credit Card

It’s exactly that, an all-rounder. One card for all your needs – transfers and purchases. Watch our video to find out about the MBNA All Round Credit Card.

MBNA 5 Credit Card.

Why 5 you ask? This video will explain what it’s all about.

Welcome On Board.

So you’ve just been accepted for an MBNA credit card – congratulations. This little video should help explain all the handy services available to you as an MBNA customer.

MBNA Card Services App

Pretty much what you’d expect really... our app makes it easy to manage your credit card account when you’re out and about. All the features play a starring role in this little video.

What is a Balance Transfer?

What exactly are they, and how can you do one?   This handy video explains it all.

What is a Money Transfer?

Watch this video to find out more about money transfers and how you can do one.

Managing Credit Cards

Keeping track of where you spend and how to make payments is explained in this helpful video.

Financial Difficulties

Facing financial difficulties is never easy, but it’s always a bit easier if you let us know about your situation.

Here’s how we can help if things get out of hand.


The MBNA geeks are back and they’ve got their very own van. This time they’re bursting out of the office, hitting the road at a responsible speed, and going straight to customers. Anyone with a credit query, no matter how small, might see the payment ninjas (badly) tucking and rolling up to their front door sometime soon. They promise to put your gnomes back exactly how they found them.


Our ad follows the MBNA Team on a mission to help a dad give his daughter a drum kit for her birthday, and buy some pre-emptive noise cancelling headphones for himself. Smart move.

When they put their credit savvy heads together, the MBNA Team have got all the tools they need to make good stuff happen.

Martin ‘Payment Ninja’ Harrison


The nickname ‘Mr Nice’ kind of says it all. Martin is MBNA’s sweetheart, and has the strongest neck of the bunch (handy for carrying all of those Moneyfacts Consumer Award medals). There’s no one else you’d want to run into when you’re in a fix, or call when there’s a kerfuffle.


When he hears the call of a customer, he’s on the case and ready to call our credit geeks into action. A full and clean advanced driving licence, and expert number crunching skills to boot, Martin always has your number. And your back.

Brian ‘Credit Crunches’ Samson


Brian loves all things numeric. He’s a go-the-extra-miler, putter-of-smiles-on-faces, solution-solver, and out-of-the-boxer... when he’s not putting numbers in boxes that is (which is just where they belong). A perfectionist by nature, Brian’s never made a miscalculation in his life.


He’s always ready to direct the gang to any customer in need... hence the nickname ‘Global Positioning Samson’. Behind those occasionally steamed up glasses, he’s got everything strategically mapped out.

Navid ‘Number Nerd’ Singh


Navid has the problem solving skills to overcome any obstacle, and just to prove he’s got his sums right, he’s always got his scientific calculator to hand. When it comes to caring for customers, he’s a man on a mission... and that mission is to make good stuff happen.


Navid’s razor sharp credit knowledge will help get things sorted, which should put you right at ease. Before you know it, the solution’s staring you right between the eyebrows. Thanks Nav!

Alice ‘Gadget Geek’ Hopkins


Alice is a customer service connoisseur and a very smart cookie. If there are good things afoot, then she’s the leg that made them happen. Keen, intelligent, and quick-witted, this proven ‘gadget geek’ can mentally split a dinner bill between 20 (with a 10% tip, and £7.32 off for ‘designated driver’ Martin who only drank pop).


Her customer service record is flawless and she’s going to keep it that way, so much so that when a customer comes calling, you know Alice will release the keyboard warrior within to ctrl+alt+del any problems she faces.

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