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Credit card payments - How to pay your credit card

Credit card payments - How to pay your credit card

There are many ways you can pay your credit card, including:

  1. By Faster Payment
  2. By Direct Debit
  3. By standing order
  4. By debit card
  5. By cheque
  6. At your bank
  7. From overseas

Credit card payments explained

Making your credit card payments on time is quick and easy to do. There are lots of different ways to make the monthly payments to your credit card and stay in control of your budget. Find out more in our handy guide.


Ways to make monthly payments to your credit card


1. By Faster Payment

You can make a Faster Payment using your bank’s internet or telephone services, or by visiting a branch. They’ll need:

  • Our account number: 70328725
  • Our sort code: 08-61-30
  • Your 16-digit credit card number as a payment reference.

Faster Payments will be available for you to use within 2 hours of us receiving cleared funds from your bank, providing there are no restrictions on your account.


2. By Direct Debit

Set up a Direct Debit to make automatic credit card payments each month, either for a set monthly amount, the minimum payment or the full balance. Once your Direct Debit is in place, your monthly payment will be credited to your credit card account on your payment due date. The money will be collected from your bank or building society on either the same day or the next business day.

You can set up and manage your Direct Debit with MBNA using Online Card Services, our mobile services or by giving us a call.

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3. By standing order

Setting up a regular fixed credit card payment on a date of your choosing is a good way stay on top of your payments.

It’s important to remember your minimum payment amount will change each month, so you might need to make an additional payment to cover it.

To set up a standing order, make a note of our details (account number 70328725 and sort code 08-61-30), then download and complete a standing order mandate. You’ll find instructions on the form to help you.


4. By debit card

You can make one-off or regular credit card payments of any amount you choose with your debit card. This gives you complete flexibility and it’s convenient, too.

You can pay using our automated phone service, Online Card Services or choose one of our mobile services. You can expect your debit card payment to be completed by the next business day, provided there aren’t any restrictions.


5. By cheque

You can make a payment to your credit card by cheque. You’ll just need to allow at least 5 business days for the payment to arrive and be processed.

To pay make a payment to your credit card by cheque, make it out to MBNA Limited, write your credit card number in the top left-hand corner and your name and address on the back.

Then send your cheque to Card Services, Thynne Street, Bolton, UK, BL11 1AZ.


6. At your bank

To make monthly payments to your credit card in person, take the giro slip found at the bottom of your credit card statement to your bank or building society. They'll use the details on it to arrange a payment for you.

Depending how your bank decides to process your payment it might take up to 4 business days to reach your provider. Some banks charge a fee for this service and may refuse to provide it if you don’t have an account with them.

Most banks can arrange Faster Payments instead – you’ll find more details earlier in this guide.


7. From overseas

If you’ve got a UK debit card and you’re overseas, it’s still possible to make credit card payments.

To make an overseas credit card payment to MBNA, you can use our automated phone service or Online Card Services. Otherwise, most banks outside the UK should be able to arrange a SWIFT payment to us. You’ll need to provide:

  • IBAN A/C Number: GB02MIDL40025081357948
  • Your 16-digit credit card number as a payment reference


Important things to remember when making credit card payments


1. Time it right

If your credit card payment due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday, these are classed as non-business days, so you may need to allow extra time for your payment to reach us.


2. Understand the costs

The UK Cards Association offer independent information through their Card Costs website, including a tool to help you estimate your overall interest costs and find repayment options which could help you save money. Find out more here.


3. Check your statements

It’s important to check your credit card statement each month, not only to spot transactions you don’t recognise, but also so you know what you need to pay and about any changes to your account. Look out for:

  • Outstanding balance – this is how much you owe on the date your statement was produced.
  • Minimum payment due – if you can, try to pay more than the minimum to clear your balance faster.
  • Payment due date – if your payment is late, you may be charged a fee and could lose any promotional offers.
  • Interest rates – the rate of interest for each type of transaction, e.g. card purchases or cash withdrawals.
  • Payment allocation – in simple terms, balances with the highest interest rates will be paid off first. For full details please check your credit card terms and conditions.

You can view up to 12 months of statements online, just log in or register for Online Card Services to get started. If your account is paperless, you’ll get an email to let you know when there’s a new statement available to view online.


4. Avoid fees

In most cases, you’ll be charged an overlimit fee if you go over your agreed credit limit. A late payment fee may also be charged too if a payment of at least the minimum amount doesn’t reach your account before the due date detailed on your statement. The fees you could be charged are covered in your credit card terms and conditions, so make sure you check them.

It’s important to keep track of your account, which you can do easily using Online Card Services.


5. Estimated interest

On each statement you’ll see an amount of ‘estimated interest’, which is roughly the amount of interest you’ll be charged in the next statement period if you only make a minimum payment. This doesn’t include interest on any new transactions, any fees charged or changes to your interest rates (excluding expired promotional offers).


6. Clear your balance

If you’d like to pay off your credit card in full, it’s important you understand the interest charges which could apply and when they’ll be charged.


Need help paying your credit card?

If you’re experiencing difficulties making a credit card payment, it’s important you let us know so we can help. Please call 0800 028 0690.


Free and independent advice services:

StepChange Debt Charity
0800 138 1111

National Debtline
0808 808 4000

Citizens Advice Bureau

Call free: 0800 9121 458

We make paying off your credit card straightforward by giving you lots of ways to do it – whether you’re at home or on the move. And you have all the support available to make sure you can stay in control and keep on top of your credit card payments.