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Making payments

Making payments on time is an important part of managing your credit card - it shows you can manage your finances responsibly.

How do I make a payment?

You can make payments in several ways.

In Online Card Services - log in or register, then visit 'Payments' to:

Pay by debit card

Debit card is one of the quickest one-off payment methods and you can pay any amount you choose.

Your payment will be completed on the next business day unless your request is received after 5pm or on a weekend/bank holiday when it will take an extra business day.

If Online Card Services is unavailable, you can also make a debit card payment in our automated telephone system - just contact us.

Set up a Direct Debit

Why not set up a Direct Debit to ensure your credit card payments are made on time? Choose to pay your full balance, or the minimum amount due, each month.

Your payment will be credited to your credit card account on your payment due date, and will be collected from your bank or building society account on either the same or the next business day.

Please note: Direct Debit payments will be taken regardless of any additional payments you make.


Alternative Payments

Faster Payments via telephone/internet banking

Please contact your bank to take advantage of this service. You will need:

Your credit card number
Our bank account number: 70328725
Our sort code: 08-61-30

Providing there are no restrictions on your account, Faster Payments will be available for you to use within 2 hours of us receiving cleared funds from your bank.

When will my payment show in my ‘Available to spend’ and ‘Current balance’?

Payments will show in your ‘Available to spend’ and ‘Current balance’ totals after 9.00pm on the business day they’re completed.  Payments completed after the end of a business day or on a weekend or bank holiday will show after 9pm the following business day.

Pay by cheque

Please make your cheque payable to MBNA Limited - remember to write your card number on the front of all cheques along with your name and address on the reverse. Post your cheque together with the completed bank giro slip (at the bottom of your statement) to:

Card Services
Thynne Street
United Kingdom
BL11 1AZ

If you have more than one credit card account issued by us, please use separate cheques and envelopes when sending payments to us.

For a cheque to be processed in time, please allow 5 business days before the payment due date shown on your official statement. This may take longer if you use 2nd class post, or if the post is delayed for any reason.

Please don't send any cash or correspondence along with your payment. Please contact us if you have a question.

Pay by standing order

Ask your bank to set up a regular payment to us on a date of your choice. Your minimum payment will change each month, so make sure the value of your Standing Order covers at least this amount.

To set up a Standing Order you'll need to complete a Standing Order mandate form - there are instructions on the form to help you. Simply follow the instructions on the form.

Download a Standing Order mandate form (PDF)

If you are unable to open this PDF file, or if you don't have printer access, please contact your bank to request a Standing Order mandate form.

'PDF' after a file name means that you'll need Adobe® Acrobat® to read or print the file. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

Pay at your bank

Your bank or building society will be able to arrange a payment to us on your behalf - you can choose to pay using cash or funds from your bank account.

Please note: some banks may charge a fee for these services.

If you still receive your statement by post you'll find a giro slip at the bottom of your latest statement - take this slip along to your bank/building society and they'll use the details on this to arrange a payment for you.

For your payment to be processed in time, please allow 4 business days before the payment due date shown on your official statement.

Your bank may also be able to arrange a Faster Payment for you over the counter - see the Faster Payment section above for details.


Pay using your mobile phone

Mobile Text Services

Providing you've made a debit card payment to us before and the card you used is still active, then you're all set to pay by text message.

Learn about Mobile Text Services 

Mobile Card Services

Access Online Card Services from your mobile phone and you'll automatically be directed to our specially adapted Mobile Card Services site where, once you've logged in, you can complete common account actions such as making a payment by debit card.

Learn about Mobile Card Services


Payments from overseas

To make a payment when you are travelling abroad, log in or register for Online Card Services, then select 'Payments'. One of the quickest methods is to make a payment using your debit card.

If you are unable to do this then most foreign banks are able to make SWIFT payments to us. They will need the following details:

Your full 16 digit card number as a reference
IBAN A/C Number: GB02MIDL40025081357948

Please Note: Providing there are no restrictions on your credit card account, the value of your payment will be available for you to use from the start of the business day on which your payment is completed (excluding Faster Payments).

It will show in your 'Available for Cash & Purchases' and 'Outstanding Balance' totals after 9.00pm on that day.


How can I avoid late payment charges?

A late payment default charge, as detailed in your terms and conditions, will be charged to your account if at least the minimum payment shown on your statement has not been credited to your account by the payment due date shown on that statement.

To find out your next payment due date, view your account summary in Online Card Services - just log in or register. To make a payment online, just select 'Payments' and follow the instructions on screen.

Alternatively, you'll find details of your payment due date and amount on your latest official statement. In Online Card Services select 'Statements' to view up to 12 months of statements online.

When choosing a payment method, please ensure you know how long it takes for the payment to reach your account - if your payment due date is soon, you should select a quicker payment method.

Why not set up a Direct Debit to make sure your regular credit card payments arrive safely and on time? See the Direct Debit section above for details.


What is estimated interest and how can I reduce or avoid it?

You'll see an amount of 'estimated interest' on each of your monthly statements. This is the value of any interest you'll be charged in the forthcoming statement period if you only make the specified minimum payment. This excludes the value of any new transactions you make, fees charged or changes to your interest rate (excluding expired promotional interest rates).

You can reduce the amount of interest you're charged by paying off your outstanding balance more quickly, i.e. by making more than the minimum payment each month. If you pay off your outstanding balance on time and in full every month, you may not be charged interest at all.

Remember: interest is charged from the day you make a transaction or withdraw cash using your credit card. Other fees may be charged - check your terms and conditions for full details.


What happens if I forget to make a payment?

As detailed in your terms and conditions, if you fail to make at least a minimum payment before the payment due date shown on your monthly statement, you'll be charged a late payment fee.

You'll also be charged an over limit fee if you exceed your assigned credit limit - any payment you make must cover the value of any over limit fee charged, plus any fees and interest.

You must make a payment each month unless there is no outstanding balance on your credit card account - your payment options are detailed above. Why not set up a Direct Debit to make sure your regular credit card payments arrive safely and on time?


What can I do if I'm having financial difficulties?

If you're having financial difficulties it's in everyone's interests to sort things out. Call us on 0800 028 0690 as soon as possible and we'll do all we can to help you.

So we can keep in touch, always make sure your contact details are up to date - contact us or manage your details in Online Card Services.

Do you have payment protection insurance? If you're unable to make payments due to illness, an accident or unemployment, check to see if you're covered.


Where else can I get help and advice?

If you're having financial difficulties, you can get free help and advice from the following organisations:

Stepchange Debt Charity
Call free: 0800 138 1111

National Debtline
Call free: 0808 808 4000

Citizens Advice Bureau