You might have noticed we’ve made some updates to our online services. We’re sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks for being so patient while we’ve been working.

  • To improve security, we’ve made changes to the way you log in. We’ll always ask you for the following:

    Step 1 - your username
    This is the name you selected when registering for Online Card Services.

    Step 2 - your password
    This is 8-20 characters, containing letters and numbers only, with no spaces.

    Step 3 - memorable information
    This is 6-15 characters, containing letters and numbers only, with no spaces. You'll be asked for 3 characters each time you log in.

    Useful to know
    Your password and memorable information are different steps which follow each other in the log in process. You’ll need to remember and use both when you log in.

    Struggling to log in?
    This could be because your password contains invalid characters, has been locked or simply forgotten. In any case, you can reset your details online in a few easy steps.

    Using the MBNA app?
    You can set up face and fingerprint recognition (if you’ve got a compatible device), making it easier to access your account securely.

    Learn more about mobile services

  • You can make payments using Online Card Services or the MBNA Card Services App. It’s useful to know you can also make payments at your bank or building society, either online, over the phone or in branch – much like you’d pay a person or bill. They’ll just need our sort code 77-29-00, account number 00000000 (we promise eight zeroes is correct) and your 16-digit credit card number as a payment reference.

    Other payment options

  • You can call us on: 03456 062 062 (or +44 1244 659 005 from outside the UK). Just to speed things along, make sure you’ve got your credit card to hand.

    Using the MBNA app? Select the support button, a call topic and then tap ‘Call us’. If you’re logged in we’ll already know who you are, meaning we can help you that bit faster.

Below you’ll find more info about changes we’ve made:

Image showing the new MBNA brand style on various devices

A fresh lick of paint

We’ve changed our text font, colour scheme and logo (it’s similar, just a bit curvier), freshening up our look. That applies to emails, letters, our website and more.

You might also spot some new pages on our website, updated menus and new functionality, helping you to find information and manage your credit card account more easily.

Your online account

The changes also extend to the services available to you using Online Card Services.

Your account summary includes all the information you need, as well as links to our most popular account services.

We’ve added a ‘More actions’ button, giving you the option to browse a full list of account services.

And whatever device you use, Online Card Services will adapt to fit, making it easier to use on a mobile, tablet or computer.

If you need a reminder, or to see what’s new at any time, once you’re logged in look for the ‘Take the tour’ link in the top left of the ’your account’ page.

Man using a laptop

Keeping things secure

We’d like to reassure you that protecting your account and personal information is always a priority for us.

Please remember, never disclose your account security and log in details, be vigilant when using your card and always check your statement carefully each month. So we can help, get in touch as soon as you notice anything unusual, if you receive phone calls or emails you’re concerned about, or your card is missing.

For more information about fraud prevention, check out our security and protection guide.

Your monthly statement

Although the layout has changed, all of the information you need is still included:

Our contact details

Key details, ready in case you’ve got a question about your statement.

Account summary

As well as the essentials, like your minimum payment amount and when it’s due, we’ve added things like your previous balance and received payments.

Interest rates

It’s easy to see the standard interest rates which apply to your account.


We’ll include any important updates about your account here.

Get statements by post?

We’ve updated our account number and sort code, so use the latest bank giro slip for any new payments (existing Direct Debits will be updated automatically). The return envelope also has our new address on it, so don’t use an old one.

Transaction history

A list of your recent transactions will start on page 3.

Breakdown of balance

See interest rates that apply to different portions of your balance, and when they expire.

Summary box

Information about things like fees and charges, or the way payments are allocated, are grouped here.

Annual statements

When it’s due, your annual statement will also be included in your monthly statement, rather than being sent separately by post.