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fraud protection as standard.

Secure Online Card Services

platform and website.

Added features

to protect you when shopping online.

Managing fraud video

Preventing fraud and keeping your account safe

There are lots of things we do to keep fraudsters at bay, and there are also ways you can stop your details getting into the wrong hands too. Let our managing fraud video show you how to make sure you’re protected.

Shopping with confidence

Shopping online

we automatically enrol you for Visa Secure® or MasterCard® Identity Check, which use 3D Secure technology to give you an added layer of security when shopping online.

Card features

your credit card is printed with a security code (CVV) and is protected with a PIN – both help us to verify the card is in your possession when you make transactions.

No liability

you won’t be liable for any transactions that are confirmed as fraudulent, providing you tell us as soon as you spot anything unusual or if your card is missing. 

How MBNA protects you

Biometric analysis

we use behavioural analysis to help make sure it’s really you. This technology builds a detailed profile of how you use Online Card Services, so we can spot any unusual behaviour. This data is used strictly in compliance with our privacy policy to protect your privacy and information about you.

DDOS Protection

we use state of the art DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service attack) protection, to stop hackers from blocking your access to your accounts online.

Real-time fraud detection systems

when you are using Online Card Sevices, we use real-time fraud detection systems to decide whether it's really you or a fraudster. We use your data strictly according to the terms and conditions and your data privacy rights.

We'll call if we need to

Sometimes we’ll call you to confirm things. If this happens, we’ll always use telephone authentication, which is where you’re asked to enter 4 digits from your computer screen to complete an activity online.

If we suspect fraudulent activity on your account, we might contact you by phone. We’ll confirm your identity by asking you questions about your credit file or details from your passport or driving licence. We’ll never ask you for your log in details.

Woman on a phone call
Two people reviewing Cifas website on tablet

Even more protection

We’re also members of CIFAS - a fraud prevention membership organisation - which means we share information with other CIFAS members to reduce instances of fraud and financial crime.

Online security

Online Card Services and the MBNA Card Services App are secure ways to manage your credit card account, but it’s important you also know how to keep yourself and your information safe online. Online security guide.

Helping you protect yourself

Smartphone safety

  • Update your phone regularly as manufacturers often send security upgrades.
  • Use auto-lock and a PIN or password so no-one can access your details.
  • Use secure Wi-Fi connections to surf the net, especially if you log in to Online Card Services or any similar sites.
  • 3G or 4G uses encryption software for extra protection.
  • Download additional mobile security software.
  • Remember other users can see what you’re looking at when you’re connected to Bluetooth, so only use it when you have to.

Looking after your credit card

You should know where your card is at all times. Don’t let it out of your sight when using it in shops or restaurants and never leave it unattended. It only takes a few minutes for someone to make a copy.

Don’t ever disclose your PIN to anyone or give this number online or over the phone. It’s only ever for when you have to pay using a point of sale machine.

If you receive a replacement card for any reason, destroy your old one by cutting it up as small as you can so the account number can’t be read or the magnetic strip used. You should also shred receipts and any paperwork you don’t need to keep rather than just throwing them away.

Person making a payment with MBNA credit card in shop

Identifying an email from MBNA

Account details

When we send you an email, we’ll only ever display the last four numbers of your account and / or part of your postcode.

Customer Care

We’ll always address you by your title and surname e.g. ‘Hello Mr Smith’.

Required Actions

If we need you to take action on something to do with your credit card, we’ll ask you to log in to Online Card Services and do it from there.

If we need you to take action on something to do with your loan, we’ll ask you to write or contact us by phone.

We’ll never send you an email that asks for your PIN or security details. If you get an email like this, don’t reply. Forward it to us at onlineemailinvestigations@lloydsbanking.com then delete it. MBNA is part of Lloyds Banking Group.

Fake or ‘phishing’ emails will often contain variations of our website address, such as www.mdna.co.uk, or will be full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Sometimes they’ll threaten to close your account or add a charge if you don’t do what it says. If you’re unsure whether an email is really from us, please get in touch straightaway, so we can confirm it with you.

MBNA Take Five

Take five to stop fraud

Fraudsters are a sneaky bunch, but you can be an important part of the crime fighting equation. That’s why we’re supporting a campaign from Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA) - Take Five to Stop Fraud.

Who’s that email really from?

Do you know who’s really texting you?

Who’s really on the phone?

Card security in gaming

We’ve put together a helpful video that shows you how to keep your card information safe and avoid costly surprises in computer and mobile games.

Gaming transactions video
  • We guarantee to refund your money (including related charges and interest) in the unlikely event that you experience fraud when using Online Card Services or the MBNA Card Services App. We take steps to protect you 24/7, using technology and safeguards that meet or exceed industry standards, but you must also use Online Card Services and the MBNA Card Services App carefully.

    Being careful when you use our services includes, for example, that you:

    • Do all that you reasonably can to keep your security details (e.g. username, password, and memorable info) safe and log out after each session.
    • Don’t let anyone else access your account or security details, or transact using them.
    • Tell us as soon as you think your security details have been lost, stolen, damaged or are being misused; or think someone may be accessing your accounts without your authority, or has discovered your security details.
    • Carry out regular software updates/virus checks on your devices.

    If you've been grossly negligent, we won’t refund any money taken from your account before you have told us your security details have been lost, stolen or could be misused.

    Likewise, we won't give you a refund if you have acted fraudulently.

    For further guidance on using our online services, read our Online Card Services terms and conditions.