The benefits of Google Pay

Everything you need at checkout

Keep your MBNA card details safe in your Google Account, ready to use in shops and online.

Keep track of purchases

Manage your details, set up a default payment card, and get personalised suggestions to help you save time and money.

Safe as well as smart

Google Pay keeps your details secure as it uses a virtual number for in store purchases. Your actual card details will never be on display.

Smartphone with MBNA card in Google Pay

Adding your card

Just open or download the Google Pay app, add your MBNA credit card and you’re good to go. Then you can shop with your smartphone wherever you see the Google Pay logo.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Select the ‘+’ symbol at the bottom right of the app.
  • Pick ‘Add a credit or debit card’.
  • Snap a picture of your MBNA credit card with your smartphone camera.

How it works

In store


Wake up your smartphone.

Hold it near the contactless reader.

Wait for the checkmark.

In apps/online

Tap the ‘Buy with Google Pay’ button.

Confirm everything’s OK.

Checkout and pay.

We might occasionally limit the value or number of payments you can make using Google Pay and ask you to use your
card instead. This is just to make sure it’s you making the transaction.

Woman looking at Google Pay on Smartphone

Techie stuff you’ll need

  • Near Field Communication (NFC) switched on. Check this by visiting ‘Settings’ - select ‘More’, then look for ‘NFC’.
  • Lollipop 5.0 or higher AndroidTM operating system on your device.
  • A Google Play account.
Woman making contactless transaction with smartphone

Where’s Google Pay accepted?

Anywhere you see the contactless or Google Pay logos. Look out for it in selected apps and websites too.

Stores and apps that accept Google Pay

Contactless and mobile payments

Woman on London underground

Getting around in London

Transport for London buses, DLR, Underground, National Rail and Thames Clippers also accept Apple Pay across their networks.

Contactless and mobile payments

Keeping track

You’ll get a payment notification whenever you make a purchase. All purchases made using Google Pay will show on your statements as normal, and you’ll be able to see the last 10 transactions made with Google Pay on your device.

If you want to return an item, you’ll usually need to hold your device near the reader to receive a refund in store. Sometimes the retailer might have to make the refund back to your card instead. Any refunds will also show in the transactions section in the Google Pay app.

Smartphone with MBNA card in Google Pay

Need help?

You can always ask us if you need help using Google Pay, but there’s loads of technical stuff on the Google Pay help page you might find useful.

Google Pay terms of use

Keep your details safe

Google Pay keeps your details safe and secure as it uses a virtual number for in store purchases.

If you add your card to a mobile device, your actual card details will never be on display.

Secure as

You’ll get the same great protection when you use Google Pay as you do when using your credit card normally. That includes fraud protection as standard and zero fraud liability, providing you tell us as soon as you notice any unusual transactions or you can’t find your card.


Before using Google Pay we’d recommend protecting your phone with a password or PIN code. Just like a credit card PIN, never write down or tell anyone these details.

If your device is
lost or stolen

For extra protection, you can use Find My Device to lock your smartphone or get rid of your personal information from anywhere.

Google Pay logo

Things to consider

  • If you make card purchases, you’ll pay interest on these transactions, unless you pay your statement balance in full, every month, or if you have a retail promotional interest rate of 0% on your account.
  • If you’ve got a cashback credit card with MBNA, you’ll earn cashback at your usual rate on Google Pay transactions.
  • Standard network charges may apply. Payment is only possible when 3G, 4G or a wireless internet connection is present. Transactions are subject to your existing MBNA credit card terms and conditions.

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