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MBNA cash rewards programme

You will earn cash back at a rate of 0.5% on individual purchases providing you comply with your credit card account terms and conditions. Refunds or adjustments are excluded.

  • Cash back is rounded down to the nearest whole pence and is calculated on each purchase.
  • For an individual purchase to qualify for cash back, it must achieve at least £0.01 cash back, anything less will not qualify.
  • To receive cash back in January you must have a cash back balance of at least £1 in the previous calendar year or this will be carried over to the following year. If your account is closed, you will be entitled to any cash back earned if this is at least £1.
  • Cash back will not be treated as a payment by you.
  • We can disqualify anyone from earning or receiving cash back if we consider you or anyone acting for you have not kept to these terms and conditions, for example fraud or other abuse.

What that means in pounds and pence.

Cash back will be calculated rounding down to the nearest whole pence. Each card purchase must achieve at least £0.01 cash back to accrue, e.g. with an earn rate of 0.5%, each transaction must be a minimum of £2 in order to earn cash back, transactions less than this would not earn any cash back.

There is no limit to the amount of cash back you can earn.

For full details, please refer to your T&Cs.