View your PIN

Can’t remember your PIN? Use our mobile app to view your PIN instantly.

To use this service you must:

  • Have access to our Card Services app
  • Have an active credit card
  • Be named as the main cardholder of a credit card.

If you’d prefer a paper reminder, or you need a reminder for an additional card holder, you can request one online or by calling us... it’ll be sent to you by post in 3-5 working days.

Make sure nobody else can see your screen and PIN

Step by step guide to viewing your PIN

Step 1

Log in, then tap ‘My card’ on the bottom right of the app.

Step 2

Select ‘View PIN’.

Step 3

Swipe to choose relevant card.

Step 4

Tap and hold the ‘Reveal PIN’ button.

Step 5

Once you have seen your PIN, release the Reveal PIN button to hide it from view.

Forgotten your log in details?

You can reset your password and memorable information online so you can log in again. If you don’t know your User ID, you can find that out at the same time.

Reset your log in details