Extra security when you shop and use your cards online

Make sure you’re ready

Like all other financial service providers, we’ve added extra security checks when you use Online Card Services. You will soon notice these changes when you shop online.

These checks will happen when you:

  • Shop online
  • Log in to Online Card Services
  • Add a new payee

If you do any of these things, you may notice an extra step in security. This is because you’ll need to use two different ways of proving who you are. Your password and memorable information count as one way. The other way could be using your MBNA Card Services App, getting a passcode sent to your mobile, or us calling your landline.

It’s important that you’re ready for these extra steps, otherwise you might not be able to make your purchase or log in.

Extra security when you use your card online – Frequently asked questions

  • Online shopping and card services, what’s new?

    Weekly food shop.

    New outfit.

    Keeping tabs on your card balance.

    Shopping and keeping track of your money online are things we do every day, so it’s important that you can keep doing it safely.

    UK credit card providers and retailers are bringing in extra security checks to make shopping online and managing your account safer, and to make sure it’s really you.

    Get ready for these extra checks by making sure we have your latest phone numbers.

    Here’s why.

    Let’s say, you’re buying something online.

    When you checkout, you’ll enter your payment details in the usual way.

    If we need to confirm it’s definitely you, you’ll be asked to enter a passcode on the payment screen.

    You’ll get this passcode in a text sent to your mobile phone.

    Or, you can ask us to call your landline.

    If we can’t reach you, your payment might not go through, so it’s important that we’ve got the right phone numbers for you.

    Our Online Card Services will also include some extra checks.

    You log in as normal, but if we don’t recognise the device you’re on, we’ll need to confirm it’s really you that’s using it.

    You’ll get a passcode sent by text to your mobile phone.

    Just enter this on your log-in screen.

    If you’ve chosen to use your landline for security checks, a code will appear on your device’s screen.

    We’ll call you and all you have to do is enter this code on your landline phone’s keypad.

    The quickest way to confirm it’s you when you’re logging in to Online Card Services, is with our MBNA Card Services App, it’s got the extra security checks already built in.

    If you use fingerprint or Face ID to unlock your phone, using that with our app makes it even more secure.

    So you can still log in to your accounts, make sure the phone numbers we’ve got for you are all up-to-date.

    If you have additional cardholders on your account, we’ll need all of their numbers too.

    Update your details next time you log in to Online Card Services, or give us a call.

    As these changes are put in place, you and your account will be even safer and better protected against fraud.

    Mobile services are available to our UK MBNA customers and registration is required.

    Terms and conditions apply.

How do I prepare?

To make sure you’re able to complete these extra security checks, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Check and update your phone number so we’re able to text a passcode to your mobile or call your landline.
  2. When prompted, you can trust your device. Trusting your private and secure computer, laptop, tablet or mobile means we’ll know it’s you logging in.
  3. Download our Card Services app to be able to quickly and securely confirm it’s you.

It’s very important that we have your up-to-date telephone number. Find out how to update your telephone number online. Alternatively, you can call us.

Changes to shopping online

When checking out purchases over a certain amount, you’ll notice the extra security during payment. The payment screen will ask you to verify yourself. You can do this through your:
  • App: Use the app to verify your purchase.
  • Mobile: We’ll text a passcode to your mobile phone, which you then enter on the payment screen.
  • Landline: This will be an automated call to your landline, asking you to say a code which comes up on the payment screen.


Changes to Online Card Services

When using Online Card Services, you’ll notice the extra security during log in. The screen will ask you to verify yourself. You can do this through your:
  • Device: If you regularly use your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile for Online Card Services, you can trust it. This helps us know it’s you logging in and not someone else.
  • Mobile: We’ll text a passcode to your mobile phone, which you then enter on the log in screen.
  • LandlineThis will be an automated call to your landline, asking you to say a code which comes up on the log in screen.

Extra security when you use your card online – Frequently asked questions 

  • From 14 September 2019, a new EU regulation means that all credit card providers need to provide an extra layer of security for their customers. It’s called ‘Strong Customer Authentication’. For you, it means more protection when you’re shopping and managing your card online. It will involve extra checks to prove it’s really you. This will help keep you safer from online fraud.

  • An extra layer of security makes it harder for fraudsters to target your online accounts. All credit card providers will have to provide these extra checks.

  • Most people use passwords as way of proving it’s them. Sadly, passwords can be guessed or stolen by fraudsters. So we’re adding a second layer of security to check it’s really you, and make it harder for anyone else to. There are three ways you can verify yourself:

    1. “Something you know”–this is a piece of secret information that only you know, like your password.
    2. “Something you have” –this is a device you own, like your mobile phone or card reader.
    3. “Something you are” –this is something that is unique to you, like your fingerprint.

    You’ll need to provide two of these three ways to verify it’s you. This is called ‘two-factor authentication’.

It’s very important that we have your telephone number. Find out how to update your telephone number online or call us.

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Be aware of fraud

Fraudsters may contact you pretending to be us. They do this to trick you into sharing your details and they're good at making them look real.

  • We'd never ask you to send us any person or account details by email or text message.
  • You should only share account details if you're logged in or you've called us. We'd never ask for your full memorable information.
  • Don't assume letters, phone calls, emails or text messages are genuine, even if they seem to known information about you.

Check out our security page to find out more about keeping your card and account details safe.

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