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Meet Navid

Age: 28

Occupation: Spreadsheet Superstar

Hobbies: Chess, wannabe office Casanova

Song: Credit Card Baby - Wham

As a 5-time junior chess champion, Navid isn’t short of confidence. He knows your spreadsheets better than you know them yourself, and he can spot a dodgy calculation a mile off. But as the youngest of three kids, he never got the recognition he deserved. So he makes up for it by constantly trying to outdo people – usually by using his dry sense of humour to come out with a withering putdown or two.

Skill sets

Deep dive data dynamics


Spreadsheet gymnastics


Football skills

Image of Navid

Mmmmmm, spreadsheets. Tiny little boxes. Rows and columns. Formulas and filters. Navid really has a special thing for spreadsheets. And the spreadsheets? They love him right back, appreciating his expert touch and keen eye.

When Navid is working on a spreadsheet he sees patterns and trends, silently making complex mathematical calculations to seek true enlightenment. And that’s just the team’s menu choices for the Friday pub lunch.

Image of Navid

Despite Navid’s prowess on the chess board, some of his rivals get annoyed with his playing style. He became a regional champion at the tender age of five, and his strong sense of superstition means Navid won’t change his winning traditions.

This means that he still wears his lucky He-Man pants, munches through three packets of Space Raiders per game, and has a full-blown tantrum on the rare occasion he loses.