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Meet Martin

Age: 35

Occupation: Master Number Cruncher

Hobbies: Collecting calculators

Song: Money – Pink Floyd

Martin is known as the nicest man in the company but has never been ‘down with the kids’, and is taken aback if someone offers him a fist bump. Martin is the veteran of the group. Despite the fact he’s only in his mid-thirties, he’s seen it all. He can do it all with his eyes closed. His number crunching and stats skills are up there with the best of them, honed over many years spent in front of his massive calculator collection. Give him a calculator and he’s in his element.

Skill sets

Credit card juggling


Number crunching



Image of Martin

It’s Martin’s height you notice first. No-one knows exactly how tall he is but he certainly stretches way up into the sky. But for someone so towering, his heading skills are abysmal, so don’t expect him to win any flick-ons or get to the ball first from a corner. But ask him about interest rates, and he’ll hit the back of the net every time.

Martin holding MBNA Platinum Credit Card

Martin loves dressing up in his velvet jacket and bow tie combo to practice his credit card magic. When it comes to spinning or juggling credit cards, he’s the undisputed king - that card spin trick is just the tip of the iceberg. And check out his dance moves in our ads. He’s a really lean and nimble mover, who’s the star of any dance floor (as long as the dance floor’s in the office that is).