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Meet Brian

Age: 29

Occupation: Professional Problem Solver

Hobbies: Collecting cardigans and saving money

Song: Money for Nothing – Dire Straits

Brian comes more from a theoretical background, and only recently realised his speciality in applied maths. At MBNA, he gets stuck into all sorts of problems, and he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else – which is why he has such a beaming smile all the time. Occasionally, he’ll get lost in his thoughts, and Martin will be the one to bring him back to reality. When people start to flag, he’ll do something crazy to keep the energy up in the group.

Skill sets

Wearing cardigans


Problem solving



Image of Brian

Brian is rightly very proud of his large cardigan collection. He’s got several hundred – all in shades of brown so they match his glasses, and he’s worn a different one every day to work since he started at MBNA.  There are rumours that when Brian gets excited at having solved another problem, his specs steam up and he can be seen feverishly wiping them with his immaculately-pressed handkerchief.

Image of Brian

At work, Brian likes to save money by bringing his own lunch to the office in a Tupperware box. Normally he only drinks weak squash but occasionally indulges in a coffee. His speciality is making spreadsheets – the bigger the better – to work out APRs and interest rates to as many decimal places as possible, and using science and maths to make the latest technology work. Outside of work, Brian is an extremely eligible bachelor and prefers to stay in by himself at weekends to see if he can beat his cryptic crossword record.