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Meet Alice

Age: 24

Occupation: Creative Credit Crusader

Hobbies: Logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzles

Song: Pocket Calculator - Kraftwerk

The youngest of our group, Alice is a dab hand at Sudoku. Sure, she can whizz across a calculator in a flash, but you should see her with a pen and some empty boxes. She was fast-tracked through school, moving up a grade when she was 14 because she was the smartest kid in her class.

Skill sets

Credit card distribution logistics


Quadratic equation balancing


Football skills

Image of Alice

When she’s not competing against her colleagues with her lightning-fast mental maths skills, or struggling with keepie uppies at lunchtime, you’ll often find Alice absorbed in books. Really really big, dusty books about calculus, algebra and geometry.

Alice knows every maths problem there is already. Backwards. She’s actually looking for mistakes. This is how Alice unwinds after a day of number crunching. Epically boring? Maybe. Brilliant homework for a number nerd? Absolutely.

Image of Alice

Alice doesn’t really do outdoorsy stuff. She went to a festival once, but spent so much time working out how much more thermally efficient a geodesic dome would be than her standard ridge tent, she forgot to leave her sleeping bag - it was one of the wildest times of her life!

No, Alice is what you’d call an indoor girl. She’s happy to attempt a quick kick-about in the office, but take her outside and she’s pining to get back to complex algorithms and experimental equations.