If you’d like to set everything up now, that’s fantastic. Or, you can do the essentials now, then bookmark this page and come back to it.

First things first, we’d like to welcome you with a short video.

Thanks for choosing MBNA

Activating your card is easy

If you haven’t already activated your card, the time to do it is now. It won’t take you long at all – just have your new card to hand when you follow the simple instructions and you’ll soon be up and running.

Activate card now

Online Card Services puts you in control

Register for Online Card Services now and you’ll be able to manage your account whenever you like. Making payments, requesting balances – everything’s easy 24/7. Our short video shows you more, or go right ahead and register now.

Register now

OLCS registration video

Download the app

To manage your account on the go, download the MBNA Card Services App by visiting the App Store or Google Play on your mobile device. You’ll be all set to go with our smart card services at your fingertips. Watch our step-by-step video to find our more.

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MBNA Card Services App video

How to do Balance Transfers

A balance transfer means part or all of your debit balance (or debt) is moved from one lender to another. We’ve made it easy for you to make transfers from another lender to your new MBNA account. You can do this through Online Card Services or via the MBNA Card Services App. Watch our video to find out more.

Request balance transferRequest balance transfer
Balance transfer video

How to do Money Transfers

Money Transfers allow you to take money from your credit card and pay it into a UK current account. Watch our short video to learn more about Money Transfers and how to do them.

Request money transferRequest money transfer
Money transfers video

The easy way to pay your bill

The easiest way to pay your credit card bill each month is by Direct Debit. Watch our video to see how your payments can be made automatically, for a set amount, the minimum payment or in full – it’s your choice.

Direct debits video

Paying by contactless and mobile devices

All new MBNA cards are contactless, so look for the contactless symbol and tap your card at the terminal to pay. You can even use your smartphone or mobile device to make payments, just add your MBNA card to any compatible device. Find out how by following a link below.


Tapping on a card machine
Tapping on a card machine

Adding another cardholder

If you want to add an extra cardholder to your account, log into Online Card Services and request to ‘Add additional cardholder’ (18 or over, subject to status). They’ll get their own card and PIN, but remember – as the main cardholder, you’re still responsible for any spending and making monthly repayments.

Visit Online Card Services


Stay in control with Card Freeze

Freeze and unfreeze card transactions online or in the MBNA Card Services App.

Discover Card FreezeFreeze your credit card

Remember to check your statements

It’s easy to keep on track of your account online.

Check your statementsCheck your statements

Forgotten your PIN? No problem

View it instantly on the MBNA Card Services App.

View your PINView your PIN

Managing your card

When it comes to using your credit card responsibly – and protecting your credit rating – we’ve got 5 top tips / 5 golden rules for you.

View top tips / golden rulesView top tips

To use the MBNA Card Services app you need to have a valid phone number registered to your account and be set up to manage your accounts using Online Card Services. Our app is available to iPhone and Android users only and minimum operating systems apply, so check the App Store or Google Play for details. Device registration required. The app doesn’t work on jailbroken or rooted devices. Terms and conditions apply.