If you’re coming to the end of your credit card or loan payment holiday, we’ll contact you before it ends, there’s no need to call us. You can use our coronavirus support tool to find the right solution for your needs and confirm what you’d like to do in a few simple steps. You can find this tool on the coronavirus support page.

Balance transfer video

Making transfers

You don’t need to do anything if you made any balance or money transfers at the application stage. We’ll take care of them for you, and you’ll see the balance plus the transfer fees in the account summary section on your first statement. If we need more information, we’ll get in touch.

If you’ve not made a transfer yet, or have more you’d like to add, head to Online Card Services. Before you do that, you might want to check out our balance transfer and money transfer guides or watch our helpful video.

Transferring other more expensive debts to this card and paying only the minimum amount due each month may lower your overall monthly debt repayments, but it may take you longer and cost you more to repay what you owe.

Already set up a Direct Debit

If you’ve chosen to pay by Direct Debit, we’ll let your bank know on your behalf. Once it’s set up, as long as you have the funds available, your payment will be automatically taken every month. But until then, you’ll need to pay another way until we let you know it’s in place (it’ll show on your statement and online that you’ve got a Direct Debit in place).

Before you get your card…

You’ll find loads of useful stuff online, like managing your account, understanding credit, security, and all the different ways you can use your card. We’d suggest giving it all a good read before you get your card.

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Welcome on board video

You’ve got your card - what’s next?

Now your card's arrived it's time to get you up and running.

To help you get started and make the most of your MBNA account - watch our welcome video. It’ll help to explain all the handy services available to you from Online Card Services to the MBNA Card Services App.

If you like this video - why not visit MBNA TV - there are lots of helpful videos available.

Registered for Online Card Services?

The easiest way to manage your card is using Online Card Services, where you can do everything from activating your card, making a payment to checking your statement. You’ll have to register first, so keep your card close-to-hand as you’ll need a few details from it.

Woman at a desk looking at a laptop
MBNA Card Services App video

Prefer doing things on the go?

If managing your credit card on the move is more your thing, try the MBNA Card Services App. To get started, you’ll need to download the app and log in using your Online Card Services details. Watch our video to learn more.

Available for Apple and Android smartphones or tablets.

App downloads are subject to store terms and conditions. To use the Card Services App, you must be registered for Online Card Services and have a compatible mobile device, operating system and internet access. Service may be affected by signal availability. Use of the Card services app is subject to the app terms of use and privacy policy available when you download the app. To use this service you must have provided us with your mobile number. Standard network charges may apply.

Additional cardholders

Did you know you can add additional cardholders to your account? They’ll each get their own card and PIN to use. Just log into Online Card Services and do it from there.

You can share your credit card account and credit limit with anyone aged 18 or over, subject to status. Handy if you’d like to keep track of expenses on one card. As the main cardholder, you'll be responsible for any spending and making monthly payments.

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