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Making your minimum monthly payment

Making your minimum monthly payment

How we calculate your minimum payment

The minimum monthly payment on your MBNA credit card is 1% or 2.25% of the amount borrowed plus interest and any late, overlimit or annual fees in most cases.

Here’s how it works:

  • The balance on your statement if it is £25 or less; or
  • The greater of £25 or a fixed percentage of your balance (either 1% or 2.25% depending on the terms of your agreement) plus the amount of any default fees, card fee and interest for that month.
  • If you’re in arrears (behind with previous payments) these will be added to the minimum payment but must be paid immediately.
  • If you would be left with a balance of £1 or less after your minimum payment amount, we’ll include it in your minimum payment.


Making your minimum payment

There are a range of payment options for your account available at MBNA, including Faster Payment and Direct Debit. 

You can pay by Faster Payment using your bank’s internet, telephone or in-branch service, and providing there are no restrictions on your account the value of the payment you make will be available to use within 2 hours of us receiving cleared funds from your bank in most cases.

Your Direct Debit will always automatically take the monthly payment on the due date, so you don’t need to do anything. Paying your credit card by Direct Debit is simple and convenient and means your payment will always be made on time.

Please note though, if you have missed payments or gone over your credit limit, those sums are payable immediately and will not be collected in your next Direct Debit payment.

Learn more about the different ways you can manage your payments here.


If you can’t meet your monthly payment

Missing your minimum payment could mean late fees being added to your account. If you think you might struggle to make your next payment or are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact us. It’s important you get in touch so we can try and help.

You can download our income and expenditure form and read our free Dealing with Debt leaflet if you’re concerned about your financial situation.

Getting help and advice

There are a number of organisations who can give you free help and advice about tackling debt: