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You’ve reported fraud on your account

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What happens next?

We understand finding fraud on your account can be a shock, but don’t worry. We’ll look after everything for you. To start with we’ve blocked your account to prevent any further activity.

A new account number is being set up for you.

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A few points to remember

  • If you have regular transactions set up, like insurance premiums or subscriptions, please contact the providers as soon as possible to give them your new card payment details – just as soon as you have them.
  • If you’ve added your credit card details to a mobile device, like a Smartphone, ready to use when paying in shops and apps, you’ll need to update those details when your new card has arrived.
  • You still have to make your monthly payments on your genuine account balance.
Keeping yourself protected

Here are a few good places to find information. Check out:

Financial Fraud Action Logo

Financial Fraud Action

leading the fight against fraud in the UK finance industry.

Cyber Street Wise Logo

Cyber Street Wise

a government awareness campaign provided by the Home Office.

We don’t believe any of your personal details have been compromised – just your account number. However, to be doubly sure, we’d recommend keeping a close eye on your bank and other credit accounts.

For extra peace of mind, you can get a copy of your credit file from the credit reference agencies to check nothing else has been affected: