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Promotional rates ending soon

We’re always working to help customers get the most out of their credit card, so here’s some useful information.

Important to know

If you have one or more promotional rates on your credit card that’s ending soon, it could increase the cost for you as you'll pay more in interest and could mean an increase in your monthly minimum payment. If you only pay the minimum amount each month, it’ll take you longer to clear your balance and it will cost you more in interest.


Want more information?

You’ll find a breakdown of your balance and interest rates online – just log in or register for Online Card Services to get started. Select ‘Manage Account’ from the menu to ‘View Rates’, or refer to your official statement.

Each promotional interest rate has a ‘rate code’ – you’ll see these codes on your official statement next to each qualifying transaction. They indicate the expiry date of the offer, as well as the interest rate applicable to each transaction for that statement period.

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Good to know

Make sure you check your statement and change your payment arrangements when necessary – for example, if you’ve got a standing order in place, you should check each month to make sure it covers at least your minimum payment.


If you’re paying interest on your account, please remember that interest accrues daily. So, the sooner your payment arrives each month, the less interest you’re likely to pay. If you don’t pay until the payment due date you’re likely to pay more interest.