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MBNA Geeks with All Round Credit Card

Date: 3rd Aug 2016

MBNA announces improved All Round credit card

MBNA, one of the UK’s leading credit card providers, has enhanced one of its most popular credit cards, the MBNA All Round credit card.

The improved credit card has three key features to it:

  • Zero per cent on balance transfers with a 2.49 per cent fee.
  • Zero per cent on money transfers with a 4.00 per cent fee.
  • Zero per cent on purchases.

All three of these benefits are available for up to 25 months from account opening.

MBNA has been recognised as Best Credit Card Provider of the Year by Consumer Moneyfacts for the last three consecutive years, and continues to innovate, offering credit cards to meet individuals’ needs.

Richard Whatmough, Marketing and Digital director at MBNA, said: “With the enhancement of the popular MBNA All Round credit card, eligible customers will benefit from zero percent on money and balance transfers, as well as zero per cent on purchases ‒ so good things really do come in threes.”

The MBNA All Round credit card offers a promotional rate of zero per cent per annum on balance transfers and money transfers, as well as promotional rate of zero per cent per annum on card purchases and the rate is applicable for up to 25 months, within the first 60 days of account opening.

A handling fee of 2.49 per cent applies to any balance transfer and 4.00 per cent on money transfers made on the card within the first 60 days. Customers should remember to stay within their credit limit and make monthly payments on time, otherwise customers will lose the promotional offers on their account and revert to the standard interest rate.

Eligibility for this credit card is dependent on individual circumstances and the results of the eligibility check. The APR, credit limit and terms of the offer may differ from the example.

Standard rates/fees after the promotional offer ends on balance transfers is 20.9 per cent per annum with a 5 per cent handling fee; 22.9 per cent per annum and 5 per cent handling fee for money transfers; and 18.9 per cent per annum on card purchases.

Representative example 18.9 per cent p.a. variable on card purchases. This is the equivalent to 18.9 per cent APR representative variable based on a credit limit of £1,200.