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Boringly good image

Date: 6th Nov 2015

New ad celebrates credit card obsessions of MBNA ‘staff’

Leading UK credit card company MBNA kicks off a new brand advertising campaign on Friday 6 November. It celebrates the backroom boffins who take enormous pride in being good with customers’ money.

MBNA’s ‘staff’ are obsessive about credit cards. The new brand campaign showcases how they make a virtue out of being boringly good at all the nitty-gritty behind your card. For over 20 years, MBNA has been quietly providing a range of award-winning credit cards to millions of consumers “under the radar”.

The ad features four MBNA ‘staff’, the boffins behind the MBNA credit card, shown in the outside world and a little out of their comfort zone. But when they’re back in their natural environment, the MBNA ‘offices’, they’re the finance experts. The payment ninjas.

“At MBNA, we focus every day on making sure we get the details right for our customers. People want to know they can rely on us for the ‘financial stuff’. Our new campaign showcases how we make a virtue out of being boringly good at managing your credit card,” said James Poole, Strategy and Innovation Executive at MBNA.

MBNA is one of the leading suppliers of credit cards to consumers in the UK. It issues credit cards in its own name and also for a number of iconic brands including Manchester United, Chelsea, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Emirates, the RSPCA, National Trust and British Heart Foundation. MBNA is now building its own brand name through this campaign.

The campaign was produced by Manchester-based TBWA with media planning by MEC Global. The overall campaign features the 40-second TV commercial, digital and social media and national press advertising.