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Complimentary McAfee Online Banking Suite

Here’s a special offer as a thank you just for being an Online Card Services customer...

To keep your PC safe and secure, we’re offering the McAfee Online Banking Suite worth £59.98, completely complimentary for one year. You can bank, shop and surf the internet with confidence. McAfee offers effective online protection with:

  • Anti-Virus, spyware and adware - within milliseconds malicious threats are blocked and removed.
  • Two-Way Firewall - allows you to confidently use the Internet knowing hackers can’t get access.
  • Online Backup - automatic backup for your essential photos, videos and documents.
  • Site Advisor Plus - active protection against dangerous websites and much more.
  • Additional Features - including home network manager as well as PC optimisation.
  • In addition, this product will be automatically enrolled at the end of the 12 month period for a subsequent paid year at only £29.99, a discount of 50%.

If you are an MBNA Online Card Services customer who is the main cardholder on at least one eligible MBNA credit card, issued in the UK, you can receive a McAfee Online Banking Suite for PC as a complimentary download for 12 months, currently worth £59.98. This offer is limited to one complimentary McAfee Online Banking Suite per customer and may not be available on all brands of MBNA credit card. Customers with a current McAfee subscription are not eligible for this offer. You should sign up for the software directly with McAfee through the link available within MBNA Online Card Services. You will need to be registered with MBNA’s Online Card Services to take advantage of this offer. The offer includes renewal at the end of the complimentary 12 month period for a further 12 months at 50% off (currently £29.99). You will need to provide credit card or other payment details to McAfee to cover further years’ subscriptions. Before the complimentary period ends, you can cancel the automatic renewal by contacting McAfee Customer Support at 0207 949 0107. MBNA reserves the right to change the offer or the eligibility requirements or to withdraw the offer. McAfee's own terms and conditions apply to the McAfee Online Banking Suite and these are available when you register with them for this product. The product may not be compatible with all operating systems, further information about this is available on the McAfee website. Enquiries about this service should be made to McAfee directly.

McAfee and/or other noted McAfee related products contained herein are registered trademarks or trademarks of McAfee, Inc, and/or its affiliates in the US and/or other countries. McAfee Red in connection with security is distinctive of McAfee brand products. Any other non-McAfee related products, registered and/or unregistered trademarks contained herein is only by reference and are the sole property of their respective owners, 2009 McAfee, Inc, All rights reserved.


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