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American Express® Benefits and Rewards

American Express® credit cards are accepted at more places than you’d think.

It’s a convenient way to pay for goods on the high street or online. Use your MBNA American Express® credit card at your local supermarket or to top up your tank at the petrol station. You can even set up regular subscriptions for your favourite magazine or satellite TV with your American Express® card.

Keep your American Express® credit card handy when you’re abroad as it’s accepted widely overseas too.

Companies that accept American Express credit cards

Person using a smartphone and a laptop

Added protection online

We automatically enrol your credit card for American Express SafeKey®, which uses 3D Secure technology to give you an added layer of security when shopping online. It helps us to verify your identity before we process transactions.

Exclusive reward programmes

Your MBNA American Express® credit card gives you exclusive rewards from the world of travel, shopping and entertainment.

American Express® Invites

American Express® Invites

With American Express® Invites you can pick up tickets for sporting events, concerts and theatre shows, often before they’re even on sale, while at American Express® Connect, you’ll find great offers and discounts on eating out, household appliances and treating yourself.

1 You must contact us as soon as the card cannot be found, or if you notice any unusual transactions on your account.

2 Any additional cardholder(s) must be over 18 years of age, reside at the same primary address, and have a relationship of close family member (defined as: spouse, child, parent, sibling or domestic partner).