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Your cash back programme rules

These are the terms and conditions (‘Rules’) which govern the cash back Programme (‘Programme’). Please read section 7 below for details of how we can change these Rules. By using your credit card account or participating in the Programme, you are confirming that you accept to be bound by, and agree to keep to, the Rules that are in force at that time.

1. How cash back works

Earning cash back is simple. You will earn cash back on ‘Eligible Purchases’ – please read section 2 below for details. Cash back earned by an additional cardholder will earn cash back for the main cardholder only. Cash back is calculated on each individual Eligible Purchase charged to the account, including Eligible Purchases made by any additional cardholder.

We calculate cash back as follows:

  • At a rate of 0.5% on each individual Eligible Purchase charged to the account, including each individual Eligible Purchase made by any additional cardholder (1p for each £2.00 spent). We will round fractions of 1p down to the nearest whole pence when calculating your cash back. Therefore in order to earn cash back on an Eligible Purchase you will need to spend a minimum of £2.00 in one card purchase transaction.


If you make an Eligible Purchase of £2.00, you will earn 0.5% cash back on that purchase giving a total cash back of 1p.

If you make an Eligible Purchase of £1.99, you will not earn any cash back for that purchase as we will round fractions of 1p down to the nearest whole pence when calculating your cash back.

There is no limit to the amount of cash back you can earn.

To receive a cash back payment in January you must have earned at least £1 in the previous year (i.e. 1 January to 31 December). However, if your cash back earning is below £1 then that amount will be carried over into the following year provided you are not in breach of your credit card agreement terms and conditions.

2. What you earn cash back on

Cash back is only earned on what we refer to in these Rules as Eligible Purchases, which means purchases of goods or services made using your credit card or credit card number. Cash back is not earned on any other type of transaction such as:

  • Balance transfers or money transfers.
  • Cash advances, including obtaining cash by use of your credit card through an ATM or over the counter, cash substitute transactions such as non-sterling currency bought in the UK or abroad, casino and gambling type transactions.
  • Default charges.
  • Interest and any finance charges.
  • Payment protection insurance premiums.
  • Service charges or fees including non-sterling transaction fees, handling fees and card fees.
  • Unauthorised or fraudulent transactions (including, but not limited to, those made with a lost, stolen or cancelled card) and any other account activity, unless we specifically contact you with details of a special offer.

For further information on what any of the terms above mean, please refer to your credit card agreement.

We may withhold or withdraw any cash back accrued or earned against transactions that are not Eligible Purchases.

Any refund or adjustment to an Eligible Purchase on your card will result in the corresponding cash back being deducted from the cash back balance. Your statement will show a negative cash back total if the amount of cash back deducted is greater than the amount of cash back available in that statement period. If a refund or adjustment is made after cash back has been applied to your account we may subtract it from the next year’s cash back amount.

From time to time we may make bonus cash back promotional offers available. If we do this we will notify you of any additional terms that apply to such offers at the time.

3. How to keep track of the cash back you have earned

On your monthly credit card statement, both the cash back earned in that month and the total cash back earned in the current 12-month cash back period will be displayed. You can view your credit card statement by logging in to Online Card Services at www.mbna.co.uk.

4. How you receive cash back

Cash back will be paid by way of a credit applied to your credit card account in January each year, for cash back earned in the preceding 12-month period between 1 January and 31 December.

5. What happens to cash back if your account is closed

If your credit card account is closed you will be entitled to any cash back (above the minimum threshold) earned in accordance with the Rules up to the point of account closure.

6. Eligibility to earn cash back

To participate in the Programme and to be able to earn cash back, your credit card account must be open and you must not be in breach of your credit card agreement terms and conditions. So, for example, if you are late making any payment due on your credit card account, you will be unable to earn any cash back until you have made that payment.

We may also suspend or withdraw your entitlement to participate in the cash back scheme if you have entered into an arrangement with your creditors or are made bankrupt; or if you are investigated for fraud.

7. Making changes and how we’ll let you know

We may, at any time:

  • Change or limit the Programme, or any part of it.
  • Modify, limit or remove any or all of the benefits, features or cash back promotional offers.
  • Withdraw the entire Programme or remove the Programme from selected customers.

We may do any of these things for one of the following reasons:

  • Changes to the cost of providing this service to you, including funding costs or changes to the base rate.
  • Changes to the level of fees paid between banks for acceptance of card-based transactions.
  • Changes to law, regulation, good practice or similar factors that affect us, or we think may affect us.
  • Changes we need to make to ensure we continue to operate our business in a way that means we are an effective and efficiently run business which is profitable, taking into account the competitive market and economic climate.

Changes may affect outstanding transactions and cash back and may include, but are not limited to, the amount of cash back earned, the type of transactions qualifying for cash back, and the maximum amount of cash back earned per month or year, or otherwise, if applicable.

We will give you at least 30 days’ prior notice of any change, modification or withdrawal of the Programme. However, if the change is not to your disadvantage we may make the change immediately and tell you about it within 30 days.

8. General

Unless otherwise indicated, words that appear in these Rules shall have the same meaning as the words in the ‘Meanings’ section of your credit card agreement. If there is ever a discrepancy between these Rules and the terms and conditions of your credit card agreement, then the credit card agreement shall prevail.

We reserve the right to:

  • Disqualify anyone from participating in the Programme.
  • Refuse to award or permit earning and/or receipt of cash back.
  • Close your credit card account.

If, in our judgment, you or any other person(s) acting with your permission using the credit card have violated any of the Rules or the terms of your credit card agreement (including, but not limited to, acts of fraud or other abuse).

Cash back you have earned cannot be combined with cash back earned on any other credit card account issued by us (whether or not the other account is held by you). Cash back earned or received cannot be used as a contribution to, or a substitute for, your monthly credit card minimum payment.

Discrepancies about cash back earnings are not treated as credit card billing disputes. Our decision regarding all aspects of the Programme (including cash back accrual, redemption and any discrepancies) shall be final.

Unless we specifically authorise it, cash back can’t be combined with other discounts, special rates, promotions or other rewards programmes offered by MBNA, or any other entity, including travel related or membership rewards, charge or credit card programmes, whether in the UK or abroad.

Cash back is not your property and is not transferrable under any circumstances. You are responsible for any tax liabilities arising from your participation in the Programme.

Nothing in the Rules shall operate to exclude or limit liability for:

  • Personal injury or death caused by negligence of MBNA or its sub-contractors.
  • Fraudulent misrepresentation or any other liability which may not be excluded under law.

Headings are for reference only and shall not alter or affect the meaning of these Rules, or any part of them.

We may, at any time, transfer to any person any or all of our rights and our duties in respect of the Programme or any part of it. If arrangements regarding the Programme do not change as a result of any such transfer, then we may do this without notice, but we will tell you if or when the arrangements do change. We may also arrange for any other person to carry out our rights or duties in respect of the Programme. Your legal rights and rights under these Rules will not be affected. You may not transfer any of your rights or duties in respect of the Programme.

We can delay enforcing or choose not to enforce any or all of our rights under these Rules, in whole or in part, without losing them.

If we cannot enforce a Rule it will not affect any of the other Rules; if we cannot enforce any part of a Rule it will not affect the other parts of that Rule.

These Rules are governed by English law, which will also govern the resolution of any disputes, although disputes may be heard by courts within that part of the United Kingdom you reside in. We will only communicate with you in English.

If you have any questions regarding these Rules, please contact us on the number on the back of your credit card.