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Want more control over your cards?

A handy feature in our secure MBNA Card Services App lets you quickly freeze and unfreeze different types of
transaction on your credit card(s) whenever you need to.

It’s really useful if you’ve forgotten where you put your card (but you know it’s definitely not lost or been stolen) – or if
you just want to control how and where your cards can be used.

How to freeze and unfreeze transactions

MBNA Card Services mobile app showing Card management selected

Step 1

From the MBNA Card Services App, tap ‘More’ and choose 'Card Management'.

MBNA Card management screen, showing the link to the Card Freeze screen

Step 2

Choose ‘Card Freeze’.

MBNA Card freeze screen, with examples of transactions that can be frozen or unfrozen

Step 3

Swipe to the card you want and toggle on or off for the different freeze options.

That’s it, you’re all done! The changes take effect straightaway. You can log back into the app any time to update.

What can be frozen?

You can restrict these types of transactions securely on each of your cards (including any additional cardholders’ cards) with a quick toggle on or off:


  • Freeze card – stops most card transactions.
  • Freeze abroad – stops ATM withdrawals, and till and terminal transactions outside the UK.
  • Freeze online and remote - stops online, in-app, phone and mail order payments.
  • Freeze at tills and terminals - stops transactions when your card is present at the place of payment.
  • Freeze ATM withdrawals – stops cash machine withdrawals.
  • Freeze gambling –stops most gambling transactions the moment you turn it on. If you turn it off, it’ll take 48 hours to remove the freeze.


For more information about card freezes and what each freeze covers take a look at our frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questionsCard freezes FAQsCard freezes FAQs.

What to do if your card is definitely lost or stolen

You need to report a lost or stolen card to us straight away. You can do this by calling us on 03456 062 062Call: 03456 062 062 (or +44 1244 659 005Call: 0044 1244 659 005 from outside the UK).

Download our MBNA Card Services App


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