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Gift of time

Date: 10th Mar 2015

Give the gift of time this Mother’s Day

Unless you’re a time lord travelling through space in a mysterious blue police box, giving someone the gift of time can be tricky. And if you’re a busy mum, giving yourself the gift of time can be even more difficult.

There are, however, a number of ways you can help yourself get more time to do more of the things you love, like spending time with the family. So we’ve put together some of the best ones here to show you how you can get the gift of time this Mother’s Day (15th March).

Use technology
Technology is everywhere, so use it to your advantage. Instead of visiting your local supermarket, do your family’s shopping online. Once you’ve signed up it’s a much quicker way to shop and you can get all your shopping delivered the day before Mother's Day.

Using the internet and apps on your Smartphone makes it easier to pay your bills, as you can do it whenever you have a spare five minutes. There are apps for just about everything, from banking to baking, which could help you get organised and save time on everyday chores. Especially useful are calendar apps and recipe apps for quick and healthy family meals. Better still, a lot of them are free, so use technology to help get organised in the build up to Mother’s Day.

Get organised
This is the key to getting the gift of time. Knowing when people are doing what in your family over the Mother’s Day weekend will help you plan well in advance, and stay on top of those little jobs that need doing. Even basic things like ironing clothes in advance will save you valuable time.

Rope the whole family in
Getting the rest of the family (especially the kids) involved in the daily running of the house will help give you all more time. Younger children can tidy the kitchen table after dinner while older ones can wash up or load the dishwasher. They can even vacuum, do the cleaning and take out the rubbish... they’re probably responsible for most of the mess anyway. If they start the week before Mother’s Day, it’ll mean you all have more time to spend together on the day.

Make one day a week family day
Putting aside one day a week as a family day is a really simple way of getting the gift of time with your loved ones. As you’re busy working and the kids are at school during the week, doing this during the weekend is usually the best time. Use the time to do things you all enjoy, like bike rides, sporting activities or simply going for a walk. You can go for a leisurely Sunday lunch or catch a family movie. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you all do it together. What better day to try this out than on Mother’s Day?

It’s all about you
But of course, Mother’s Day is about your family doing something for you. Give your family this article to read, and show them how they can help give you the gift of time on your special day.