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Taking off

Date: 15th Oct 2015

Taking flight − presenting the people who get you into the air.

Video transcript

Once you arrive at an airport, how many people does it take to get you safely to your destination?

To find out exactly who and what it takes to get you into the air, we conducted some research with the help of leading airlines and online publications. The video below throws a spotlight on the professionals who work extremely hard to ensure our belongings, comfort and wellbeing are expertly cared for when we head abroad.

Perhaps you know someone in the airport industry, travel often yourself, or are even a member of airline staff? In any case, you might be surprised just how much it takes to get you from A to B.

Who gets you to your destination?

The video includes 19 job roles anyone, however well travelled, would recognise. The obvious ones include pilots, immigration officials and cabin crew. However, the video also highlights some less familiar roles which are essential to commercial air travel − almost 40 positions in total.

We’ll share some fascinating facts with you too. Did you know that despite flying most days of the week, pilots are still required to renew their licenses every eight months? Both structurally and in terms of workforce, it’s easy to think of airports as mini-cities, but it’s astounding to learn that each day at Heathrow there are over 600 security officers working... and that’s just in terminal 5.

The sources used in the video include online publications, airline and airport industry job sites: