It pays to stop and think – take five to stop fraud

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Fraud is a nasty monster, but it’s not lurking under the bed or hiding in your wardrobe... there are dodgy dealers out there who have clever ways of getting their hands on your valuables, and we’re not just talking money. Your personal details are on the fraudster’s wish list too, so it’s important we’re all cautious about who we trust.

The good thing is, when it comes to your credit card MBNA have a lot of brilliant stuff in place to keep you safe... you know us, we love a smart bit of tech or a nifty procedure. We’re always looking out for unusual account activity, and that’s just one of the ways we’ve got your back.

The thing is, fraudsters are a sneaky bunch, so you’re an important part of the crime-fighting equation. That’s why we’re supporting a new national campaign from Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA) – Take Five to Stop Fraud.

Stopping fraud is in all our hands

You probably know the basics on how to stay safe, but in the heat of the moment when you receive a call, text, email or even a visit from a seemingly friendly person, it’s easy to trust by default, especially if an offer seems too good to miss.

But before you hand over personal or financial information, Take Five. Step back from the situation and calmly consider what’s on offer, and who’s offering it.

These tips should help

Never share security information – even the company that issues your card will never ask for sensitive stuff like your card PIN or online account log in details. If you’re being asked for this information, alarm bells should be ringing. Unless you’re 100% certain who you’re talking to and why they need your information, don’t give them anything.

Don’t assume it’s the real deal – be cautious about communications you receive, especially if they’re trying to scare you into action, such as claiming you’ve been a victim of fraud – the irony! Fraudsters might have some details about you already, using them to gain your trust (e.g. addressing you by name) – don’t help them fill in the blanks.

Don’t be rushed or pressured into anything – a genuine organisation will never force you to make a financial decision on the spot, or ask you to transfer money to another account, even for fraud reasons. Take your time and consider your actions – a genuine business won’t rush you, or mind waiting if you’d like time to think.

Use your instincts – fraudsters rely on the element of surprise when you’re out and about, or your defences being down when you’re at home. If something feels funny (not in a good way), it’s usually right to question it.

Stay in control – have the confidence to refuse requests you’re not comfortable with, and don’t feel embarrassed – if there’s a bad reaction to you saying no, it’s another sign you’ve probably made the right decision.

Want to find out more?

If you’d like to know more about the ways we keep you protected here at MBNA, and learn about protecting yourself, just visit our security page . You can read more about the Take Five campaign at:

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