Who’s that email really from?

Who could have foreseen that we’d be able to order both a beef ramen and an 8-person taxi with a few taps of a smartphone? At MBNA, we’ve been gladly riding that digital wave for a while, which is super-convenient for our customers. Unfortunately, scammers and their dodgy tactics are trying to get in on the act.

Take Five have enrolled a few famous faces in Scam Academy. Watch them learn the email scammers’ tricks of the trade, with a bit of help from a fraud expert.

Identifying an email from MBNA

  • When we send you an email, we’ll only ever display the last four numbers of your account and/or part of your postcode.
  • We’ll always address you by your title and surname e.g. ‘Hello Mr Smith’.
  • If we need you to take action on something, we’ll ask you to log in to Online Card Services and do it from there.

Fake or ‘phishing’ emails will often contain variations of our website address, such as www.mdna.co.uk, or will be full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Sometimes they’ll threaten to close your account or add a charge if you don’t do what it says.

Don’t get caught out by the fraudsters. If you receive an email full of spelling mistakes, dodgy links, or it just sounds a bit weird; see if it passes Take Five’s test. If you’re still in doubt, you can give us a call on the number on the back of your card to make sure.

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