Shopping logic: Deciding when to spend

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Shopping logic: Deciding when to spend

You’ve got your finances sorted. You’ve budgeted your brains out and can laugh in the face of this month’s mortgage repayment. In fact, you could teach Martin Lewis a thing or two, if he ever returns your fan mail.
So why are you still short at the end of the month? Chances are, it’s those sneaky little spends that all add up to one hefty hole in your savings at the end of the month.

MBNA’s number nerds plan their finances down to the last penny and unnecessary spending really messes with their strict bi-weekly budget.
So, to prevent their graphs going all wonky, they’ve decided to create a set of spending decision flow charts to calculate whether a certain spend is absolutely essential and to help you keep your budget in check.

These spending decision charts take into account the very important human need for certain little purchases, while attempting to reduce the shock of glimpsing at your bank balance.

Looking at the three common spends that can have a big impact on disposable income - coffee, paying for meals out and taxi rides – the number ninjas have used some careful calculations to determine how necessary these things are to you at the point you buy them to make sure you never spend unnecessarily.

Should you buy a cup of coffee?' decision tree

Coffee or no coffee, you’ve been buzzing since breakfast, but now you’re on a date and it’s time to get the cheque. Dining out can be an expensive business but the number ninjas are on hand to let you in on how much you could be spending if you decide it’s your turn to pay.

Should you pay for your date's dinner?' infographic

Heading home or back to the office? The easy option could be to jump into a cab, but admittedly that’s a bit extravagant. Do you really need to ride in style or could a brisk walk be a better option? Our ninjas are on the case to help you figure it out.

Should you take a taxi?' decision tree

Still need to spend? If you’ve got a particular spending habit you can find a credit card from our range that suits the way you shop.

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